Guest Breaking House Rules

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Guest Breaking House Rules

My home has a no smoking policy and I have video evidence that they were smoking on the front porch and bringing lit cigrattes into my home. Airbnb is saying that in order to end the reservation early we would need to refund the guests, even if they broke the rules?? To make it more complicated, we are selling our home and cannot have it smelling like smoke. Any advice would be great.

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@Tierney7 I think Airbnb is referring to altering the reservation. If that's what they keep on telling you, once the reservation is altered, make sure you have clear documentation of the guests smoking and any other supporting documentation, such as screenshots of your house rules stating the no-smoking policy, that way you will be able to file a damage claim after the guest's check out. Submit it via Airbnb Resolution Center upload the documentation and request the cost to fix the smell of smoke. Also, ask Airbnb support to intervene based on the guest’s violation and your claim. Hope this at least helps! 

Thank you for the answer just in case it happen to me, great info 👍 😀 

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