Odd complaints/angling for discount

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Portland, OR

Odd complaints/angling for discount

Hello community-


Help is needed with this one!  I've had multiple calls back and forth with Airbnb customer service already.



I'm in Portland, OR.

Current two week long guest has been asking for additional services at the get go which I've granted- early check-in even though she actually checked in after my normal check-in, use of my driveway despite ample free street parking (explained in the listing) and unlimited use of my washer and dryer. I've granted those because I want my guests to be happy.


Problem- she has been complaining about my ductless mini-split HVAC since check-in.  It's a very straightforward system- arrow buttons on a remote raise/lower temp with an on/off button.  These control a wall mounted "head" from which the air blows.  Instructions are printed on remote. First, she has wanted to use both the heating and A/C simultaneously (outside temps were 45 degrees F). I confirmed with my HVAC service that this isn't possible which I explained to her.  Today she is complaining that the guesthouse is too warm.  I found that she has the heat on (hot air blowing out of the "head") while she has the windows open (it's presently 52 degrees outside). This is confusing and doesn't make sense- why complain about being too warm yet have the heat on. I suggested that she turn down the heat by lowering the arrow buttons or turn off the unit if she is warm. During that conversation, she asked for A/C tonight when the outside temps are going down to 38 degrees. I explained that it is problematic to allow inside temps to get to freezing or near freezing as pipes can freeze/burst and systems within the home can be damaged such as the dishwasher and washer/dryer (water sits in the lines that can freeze.)  Nighttime temps are predicted to be at freezing for the duration of her stay.

I offered her an early check out without penalty which she declined. I'm exhausted with this.


She has asked for compensation which I suspected was the purpose of the very odd and confusing demands with the HVAC, demands that make no logical sense. I'm very uncomfortable with this behavior. Behavior that now makes sense in relation to her request for compensation.


I'm a superhost.  I'm fairly confident that a bad review is coming.  I'm wondering a couple of things-


-how I hold Airbnb accountable if she damages systems.

-if it's possible to get her reservation cancelled by Airbnb.

-how to stave off a bad review being published.

-language I should use when I receive the call back from Airbnb supervisor to get them to help me.

-any other tips with this.


Thanks for your combined wisdom.

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Good Grief! I have no solution to offer, other than to get her to leave any way you can, to preserve the house, the infrastructure, and your nerves. It freezes at night here too these days, and we, too, are watching to make sure nothing gets damaged.  We have mini splits here, one in each of the rooms. How unfortunate that she finds herself at war with such a simple system.  They are wonderful, easy to use and efficient. How sad, and how immensely frustrating!  Best of luck, and do let us know what works out.

Level 4
Portland, OR

Thanks for the commiseration. I’ll let you know. 

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