Status code 403

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Status code 403

Airbnb status code 403 is an error that can occur when you are trying to access a resource that you don't have permission to use. This can happen if you are banned from using Airbnb, or if there is a problem with your account.


What does that mean? What happened?

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Community Manager
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Hi @Colleen550, As it has been a while since you shared this error with us, did you manage to get it resolved by approaching the Customer Support team for further guidance? Hope this is solved for you by now!!!

If you are still facing this issue, can you please help us know what website/resource you were trying to access, that lead to this error? This information will help us to get more context on the error.

Keep us posted if you still need any help!



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I get this error sometimes when I am looking at reviews for a property I co-host, usually after I've already viewed/read it and am backing out to a previous screen. In my case, it's glitchy and I just move on. I've never reported it, as I can usually work my way around it, but it always gets an eye roll from me.

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I asked a question regarding a property my message was read and ignored,when I go to my messages and click on listing,this error comes up,but only on that particular listing and I can't access the page. 

So I'm not restricted on anything else.

It's odd.but I'm guessing the listing may have been a scam and removed but who knows?