When does a review get posted?

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When does a review get posted?



I’m new to hosting and just had my first guest stay this past weekend!


we have both left reviews for each other and I was wondering when that review would be public. When I go to my listing, it shows that the review has been posted but it’s showing “No reviews (yet) , Show other reviews) and the review the guest posted for that listing is under the “other reviews”.


the review the guest posted for my listing should show directly to the listing…is there a minimum amount of reviews before it shows up on your listing?


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@Allen253 when you both have written a review, the review will be published. You can see it in the ad. But not yet in the listing. In the listing you won’t see the reviews until you have three reviews. 

Groetjes Katja

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@Concierge56 not strictly accurate . Both reviews need to have been done before either are published. They can be completed at any time between 1 day and 14 days after the guest leaves but do not appear until fourteen days if one side does not post a review. When and if both persons have filled in their respective reviews  they will then be published . Sometimes hosts may forget to push the final button to upload the review. they will be prompted to do it again. If you use your desk top to post your review or your phone a lag time can occurr  until both are in line.A bit of a synch issue. the only time this matters is just before a super host  assessment when you are hoping for a good review to push you over the line .as Reviews must be received in the month of the review period. It does not matter if the guest stayed in the review month and gave you a full five star review if the guest does not post a review in the same month. H

@Concierge56 When is the end of the 14-day review period?  Is the start on the day of checkout, so 14 days after the checkout date? 

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I always get my reviews immediately after both parties are done.

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Occasionally, there is a delay. I had this happen only earlier this week. 


Two guests left me reviews. I left a review for both. I could not read the reviews anywhere. In my in box, both were still showing as awaiting my review. If I clicked on the review button, it to me to a page where it read 'thank you for leaving a review for XYZ'. If I clicked, go to your reviews, it took me to the Airbnb guest landing page and logged me out as a host. Tried this many times.


The reviews eventually appeared. One after a short delay, but the other one after several hours as I was only able to see it the next day.


Maybe just a temporary technical glitch? Has this happened to anyone else?

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Helen@744 If you have a review in dispute then sometimes your current reviews are held up, or if your guest if international this holds the review up too. H

Sometimes it is just a computer down time or the review that you sent from your phone app has not gone thru . Best to check on the computer H.


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You need  to do a review for them before it posts I believe.


@Joline5  Did you not read the previous responses on this thread? 


All reviews are posted regardless of whether both parties leave a review or not.

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I congratulate you!

you can get a review from guest after your write review for Guest.


If your write review and don’t see review from your guest its main that guest don’t write review for you yet. In this way you need to wait 14 days and after that period you will see a review of your guest

Hi I’m new also at hosting & I’m hosting a family for one month. This has kinda been hard as my home is for 4 people & they brought 5 children & the mom & dad! They didn’t tell me about their dog so I sent them message what the fee was & they paid as she told me she wasn’t aware of the price!  I’m hoping they aren’t doing damage to my home & they have 2 more weeks of their stay! I really need some insights on things to be doing in future! Thanks Julia

@Paul-And -Julia hosting is often hard work with families but a couple of things that you may find helpful . Go by weekly and clean house, garbage ,bathrooms vacumning and linen change . This can be a t an extra nominal  housekeeping charge additional to the cleaning fee you already have in place.The first clean should not be charged for .Inform your guests that housekeeping is on such and such a day, but if you prefer they not be in ,negotiate with them . This is a matter of trust but helps you keep an eye on things and also arrange for gardening or other maintenance that needs to be done,mostly this should have been negotiated before they arrived but no worries just go on from where you are at now. If you prefer they are out a few movie tickets often works wonders . H

Absolutely....this is great information.  I tidy up even on short term visits.  I let my guest know ahead of time at check-in that I will be in to tidy up in the morning.  I have a dish pan on my small kitchenette table they leave used dishes in that I collect, wash and return as well as restock any items they have used.  I have had only one guest who raised a eyebrow at that, and so I suggested they leave the dishes on the dryer in the laundry room outside my Airbnb.  they did with no problem.  I assured them that I would give them the same quality attention to their living area as any five star hotel would.  When I went in, made the bed, tidied up, and freshened the bathroom, they were quite pleased and thanked me profusely upon their leave.  Their review mentioned how special they felt coming home to a freshly cleaned area on their two day stay.  Will this always work?  I don't know, but believe me, it has allowed me to sleep better knowing I gave top quality service and was able to check in on the condition of my unit.  I hosted six young women for a weekend, and did the same.  It was a win/win for all of us.  Just set the parameters in your first message to them within the first 12 hours.  I always say something like "Thank you so much for choosing Dunromin!  We are excited to host you and look forward to your visit.  As our guest, you will receive top quality service. There is a dish pan in the unit to put dishes which I collect every morning, wash and return to the unit (intent is already stated).  I will tidy up a bit and you will return to a freshly maintained home.  Again, thanks for choosing Dunromin." 


Hope this helps.

Glenna and Dan

@Glenna 16 I have to say that for a two day stay I would find that type of cleaning just a teensy bit intrusive Glenna . People do like privacy and some trust is necessary when you are renting what is usually your private space. H

@Paul-And-Julia1Hello I am sure they will take good care of your home and there is nothing you should worry about. I wish you happy hosting 😊

@Paul-And-Julia1  You write, "I really need some insights on things to be doing in future" - I would recommend that you don't accept stays longer than a week except upon request.  I do this so that I can tell guests requesting a longer stay that they will need to allow my housekeeper in for a housekeeping refresh every week at my expense.  I would feel as you do that a family in my home for a month would not be maintaining the place as well as it needs to be maintained.


Go to your settings and find the checkbox that says "Manually review and approve reservation requests":


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