Why are payments to hosts are getting later and later?

Why are payments to hosts are getting later and later?

Why are we all letting AirBnB get away with hanging on to our money for longer and longer?

We get fobbed off with waiting 24 hours to make sure the guests are happy ( not sure that would work in a hotel) ...but without any hosts where the heck are they? Up the creek without a paddle.

I am sick of their attitude and will be halting all booking on AirBnB after Easter. The fees are too high and the service is abysmal, the excuses in broken English are indecipherable. They do not care about hosts, that much is obvious and they don't deserve the hard work we put in when they are holding on to money they have had for months in some cases,  in a cynical attempt to make money on interest payments.

Bad business AirBnB. Shame on you.



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Lawrence, KS

@Julie4330, what other platform are you going to use?  I, too, am tired of always being the bad guy when guests give me a 3 star because of location, go to the wrong door to enter the unit and indicate it was hard to access the unit, or scenery was dreary when no scenery was highlighted with the unit.  I've asked over and over for specific solutions to these comments, and I too get the links to articles I've already read before I reached out to Airbnb.  It used to be fun to host, but in the last year it's turned into a nightmare and fear or threats of being put on probation or removed from the platform permanently.  Thank you in advance!!