Blocking a guest

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Blocking a guest

I have a question about a delicate situation with a recent guest. Guest book last minute, with introduction wish I could stay longer I need a place to stay for a break. Guest lives only 25 mins away. Guest arrived, message love it, perfect! Sure I can't stay longer. I messaged unfortunately booked next day, sorry. Few hours go by, you sure? Another message I'd like late checkout. I gave extra hour stating again all I could offer (free of course) as next guests arriving shortly. Heated phone call from guest to someone, clearly a domestic situation going on. 

Guests messages again, thanks so much will be back. I gave a 5 star guest review as guest clearly was fine other than wanting to stay longer messages due probably to domestic situation. 

Today I get a 4 star review ??? My first but totally puzzling other than clearly guest not in a good place and I'm collateral damage. I don't want to be the stopping place for guests problems, even though I sympathize. Secondly I can't afford a 4 star rating every visit. I was marked down for location? And accuracy? And overall 4 for the perfect place to getaway? 

How do I politely tell guest they aren't welcome back now? I did say welcome back anytime time to them but now I'm wondering if I should have been more direct. Someone even raised point due to short distances what if they stayed again and persons who argued with comes in a rage? Feeling between a rock and hard place.

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Locals are risky, as their "real" intentions tend to be questionable and often come with dramatic backstory faux/real:  looking to hold an unauthorised event, possibly attempting to establish residency in your property depending on your city's rules.  Going forward be forthright in your review i.e. not a 5 for communication as you'd clearly stated the place wasn't available beyond the booked date.  You might opt to seek removal of her review by presenting your concerns to airbnb and blocking her from future bookings with you.  


Best of luck!

Good advice, thank you!

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I would not allow them to rebook in the future. Plain and simple solution. You could be putting yourself in a potentially dangerous spot if there's domestic violence involved. They can surely book a hotel instead.

I called Airbnb, they told me to message guest first then go in and block. I sent a polite message and am going to block, I'm not attempting to ask for the rating to removed as I was more concerned of a repeat booking. Lesson learned, just wish it was easier to block without going into reporting a problem. 

I had similar thing happened. Do you have to report or can you block them.?

I don't see it as an option.