Zero tolerance to alcohol

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Durban, South Africa

Zero tolerance to alcohol

Hi fellow Airbnb hosts, I recently set up a zero alcohol policy to all my listings due to the fact that my listings are rented as a whole and they sleep up to 20 guests and I was getting a a lot of bachelor parties and reunions whereby guests will cause a major disturbance to my neighbors. I therefore set up this zero alcohol policy to avoid getting such guests. However I do not mind family holiday makers having a few drinks. I feel my bookings have gone down since setting up this zero alcohol policy. Please may you advise me as to how I can still allow minimal alcohol and not attract the wrong guests.

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Greenville, SC

I wouldn’t automatically assume that the reduction in bookings is due to your new policy.  Lately, some hosts here have reported that their bookings have come to a screeching halt, for whatever reason.


Having said that, bachelor parties should be dissuaded with a “No Parties” clause in your House Rules. As far as other types of activities, it’s not hard for me to imagine that 20 people, no matter what they are doing, have the potential of creating a disturbance.  Have you considered reducing your max number of guests?


You could also state in your House Rules that you would appreciate showing consideration for the neighbors by keeping loud, sustained music and other types of noise to a minimum.


A “No Alcohol” policy might prove to be problematic, not only because it’s hard to enforce, but because you might appear to some guests to be a severe, puritanical type of host, which I’m sure you’re not.


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I have a "Zero Tolerance to Alcohol" policy for two reasons. Firstly, local ordinances prohibit providing alcohol to guests. Secondly, most of the damage sustained in my space has been due to guests staying in and drinking liquor they brought in. 


I am very clear about no alcohol in my house rules. I have had a very small number of people who complained about it, but, for the most part, my guests are out and about all day, anyway, at other events. It doesn't seem to have impacted my booking rate at all.  To be clear, I'm not telling people not to drink. I'm telling them not to bring alcohol onto my property to consume here.


If I'm viewed as "puritanical" it doesn't really matter to me. Guests who want to use a space to drink  should book elsewhere. 

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Sofia, Bulgaria

"Zero alcohol" policy is around for decades, but there are at least 1000 ways to hide a bottle of alcohol, when you go somewhere. Especially if you live in a country, where almost every village house has it's own distillery installation and the "home-made" Liquor is typically kept in plastic bottles from mineral water. 🙂


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I am not 100% sure whether the no alcohol rule does or doesn't deter people, but larger groups of people tend to enjoy having a drink or two on vacation, especially if they are traveling with friends and family.


After looking at your listings, I noticed you do not have a security deposit. This is something you could consider doing to cover any potential damages related to large groups and drinking. By doing this, you can allow drinking, but if anything happens and they get a bit rowdy, you would be covered (for the most part) as far as damages go. 


However, allowing 20 people in each space is probably going to raise the likelihood that you have noise issues regardless. When large groups get together they tend to be loud. That being said, you can be specific in your rules about noise after certain hours. My space is a condo so I am very specific about letting guest know they need to limit noise from 10pm-8am. You can also get noise sensors for your home, which will alert you if guest are getting a bit loud. A while back airbnb actually sent out a few suggestions. 


As for bachelor or bachelorette parties, or just parties in general, the "No Parties" Rule should cover this. However, you can always mention it again to guest when they book. Make it very clear in as many places as possible.


I love your listings, the decor is very unique. Good luck to you in your future hosting.