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So for some reason, Air B&B is misinforming my interested guests that they can rent one of my suites for 6 people for the rate of my lowest priced room which ONLY can have 2 person occupancy maximum. I have asked Air B&B to correct this mistake, to reflect accuracy, but they have not.  I have now had to turn down 2 potential clients due to the misperception.


Can anyone tell me how I directly connect with a live person at Air B&B to sort out my issue, please?



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I took a quick look at your listings and can not see the issue, but that information is what you enter.


HI David;

Yes, you are right. It looks correct.  Glitch happens when they actually make the booking methinks.


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Google "Airbnb phone number" and you'll find it.

thanks Michelle!

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@Rhonda-Lee0 Airbnb does not modify listings. Only you can fix this.

Hiya Ed and Hugh;

Thanks for responding....The thing is-on my end, it looks exactly as I want it.  It is seemingly a glitch in the booking system, that people are some how able to book more than the maximum occupants/room.  If you check out my profile at Aye Lighthouse...each suite says "2 people maximum" are allowed to be in one room. 

Any more advice or direction?


From your listing:


Bathrooms: 3 (Private)
Bedrooms: 3
Beds: 3