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no bookings

Hi everyone,


I have an extremely modern airbnb apartment in central London (one of the best locations) and my pricing is far below the other apartments in the area. The cleaning is also very cheap. However, I suddenly have no bookings at all? 

Is there something with the algorithm? or some new update?


I won't be able to offer my services on airbnb anymore if this continue unfortunately


hoping someone knows what could possibly be going on 


/ A confused Host 

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England, United Kingdom

@Michelle4038 with many properties to choose from I am afraid your reviews are a little off-putting. Poor internet, poor cleanliness scores, noise from adjoining units etc - I would probably book elsewhere. Also can you really make money with a 90 night limit on rentals?

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Unfortunately you have what Airbnb sees as low ratings so you will not show up highly when guests look for property.


plus Airbnb is an oversaturated market.


the combination will mean it's much harder for you to attract bookings.


have you looked at your guest feedback to see how you can address concerns around cleanliness, noise etc.