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Hello. All.

I found someone used my credit card # when I check my card's statement.

I called my Credit card compnay and  AirBnb. 

All what I got was my card transaction (ref #.) I didnt have any other info. (of. someone prob. used my card info and, he or she used their email)

Credit card company says they gonna investigate and I will get money back in 19days. and I can get new card in 15 days.


but I manage my credit utilization. 19 days? no way. 

So I called AirBnB

world best customer service agent helped me (thanks for his patient) like more than 30mins.

and He said I will get my money back.


(my credit card customer service was not like this guy...)


Im not a fan of Airbnb (dont even have account). but I think Im a big fan of. (if all customer service agents are like this guy).

Thank you Omar(this guy) and Gannon.







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