Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Have you ever thought about adding an acoustic guitar to your property to make it more cozy and fun?


In the case of apartments, this is less feasible because of loud noises, but in houses with large patios with a fire pit it might be a good idea. Many travelers would like to relax to the sound of an acoustic guitar and distract themselves by playing some tunes, not to mention you'd be giving the house an artistic look.


What else would you put there aside from it?

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Hey @Calvin173


What a lovely idea! My mothers side of the family are very musical so they always take their guitars wherever they go!  Would you mind if it got damaged? 


There was a great conversation in 'Tip of the Week 5: Essential Amenities for an Outstanding Hosting Experience' from @Lorna170. What would you say to adding a guitar in @Lorna170



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@Calvin173 I am brand new to this.   Really just in the research phase and thinking about the kind of space i want to create for guests (this will be a whole-house vacation rental).

I was thinking an acoustic guitar and bongo drums.  They would be displayed high on the wall in an aesthetically pleasing way but available to play.

I was also thinking about a turn-table and some records.    This would be in the listing so vinyl nerds might be encouraged to bring their own,  and then a few thrift store records that would be consumable. 

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Hey @Calvin173 


An acoustic guitar is a great idea. I have one in a couple of my units and the guests love it. Just make sure your cleaner or whoever inspects your property after every stay to check the guitar for damages or broken strings. Just because some guests don't take as much pride as you would in something that can be expensive to fix 🙂


Hope that helped!!