Add an option to allow (only small pets) with the Pet Fee

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La Ceiba, Honduras

Add an option to allow (only small pets) with the Pet Fee

Pet fee is a great tool, but we should be able to have an "only small pets or dogs" option. 


In my case, i would like to allow pets for a fee in one of my listings, but i dont want people to come in with a dinosaur sized dog just because they're paying.

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Swannanoa, NC

@Byron54   In your description for that particular listing you can state the size of the dog that would be acceptable.  Lots and lots of the listings in our area say that the pet cannot weigh more than X pounds.  

Thank you for letting me know @Lorna170 , i didn't know other hosts sorted this out by weight on thier listing description.


okay this is dog only (no cats due to allergies)…can you give me step by step where to add the info no cats please @Lorna170 

There is no place to say NO to cats. You have to add your pet preferences in the text that describes your property.  

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@Byron54 i have on my listing that I will accept 2 x pooches under 25kg.  Someone yesterday tried to book in 3 - a basset hound, a golden lab and a rottie.  I.  I screenshotted the part about dogs on my listing and asked her to cancel - which she did. 

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Byron54  I'm curious as to why you think small dogs are better to accept than large dogs.

The larger the dog, the more hair it will spread across the cabin, bigger proportions means bigger the dog's waste and smell, they can easily tear up furniture or scratch a wooden floor. Also, they are not given the same special care as small dogs (e.g. , chihuahuas, schnouzers, etc).


I also have a large property with two houses inside, there's no division between the two, but they are 60m apart from each other. On one of the houses a client brought a Labrador, which went all the way to the other house wanting to attack the other guests (it was an "educated dog" they said before booking). A little dog wouldn't have done that or be a threat against their life or children.

@Byron54  Well, there is definitely more hair on a larger dog 🙂  I don't understand the "not given the same special care", though. Do you think owners of larger dogs don't take care of them- bathe them, deflea them, clip their nails, etc? That seems an odd notion. 


And because someone's Labrador misbehaved, that means larger dogs are more dangerous than smaller dogs? Small dogs bite, too, you know.


Just so you know, there are also advantages to larger dogs. They tend to be relegated to sleeping on the floor rather than the bed or sofa, they tend to be calmer (depending in the breed and age), they aren't yappers, and they tend to be better trained. For instance, most large dog owners train them not to jump up on people, whereas small dog owners seem to think it's cute and fine. 


As you can tell, I'm a large dog person 🙂 

But of course, if you think small dogs are less problematic, that's up to you.