Advise on number of beds and type of beds

Advise on number of beds and type of beds

Hi, I am new to Airbnb, and to being a host. I am preparing two houses, for renting out. I have two questions on beds.

1. How important are double beds? My smaller house, with kitchen, bathroom and living room, sleeps 6 people. Currently in bedroom A with 1 double bed (which will stay as it is), and bedroom B with 2 bunk beds. I could reorganize bedroom B so it has 1 double bed and 1 bunk bed. Doing so would make bedroom B feel less spacious, but still OK. Which option would be preferred by guests?

2. I know having many beds is important, but is that valid also if there is just one bathroom? My bigger house could sleep up to 14-15 people, if I optimize it. 2 + 3 + 3 in ordinary bedrooms, 4 in a walk-through bedroom, and 2-3 in sofa beds in the living room. There is plenty of dining table seating, and a big enough kitchen. However, the house only has 1 bathroom (with the only WC inside it). Is it worth the effort to organize so many beds (e.g., the sofa beds and the beds in the walk-through bedroom)? Or will guests who need this many beds always choose other places with more bathroom capacity?

The location is countryside. The guests will come here for the tranquility, walks in the forest, swimming in the lakes, fishing.

Grateful for help.

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Pay attention to your living space. Do you have plenty of room for everyone to spread out. My house sleeps 6 but 4 is optimal.  It only has one bathroom. I know guests would prefer an extra toilet so I am working on it. 

Yes, there is plenty of living space, so the bathroom is the only issue. 

Adding an extra bathroom or WC is, unfortunately, not possible. (Available locations in the house would be impossible from a plumbing perspective. Any extension to the house with an extra bathroom would be too weird for the exterior on this 18th century house. I will think a bit more about ut, but I don't think there are any such possibilities.)

Could I write like this in the listing? Or would it be considered unserious?

"PLEASE NOTE: The house is well equipped for up to 12 people [or whatever upper limit I finally choose]  in all aspects except one; there is only one bathroom. The only WC is inside that one bathroom. So please consider this aspect, if planning to be many people staying in the house. There are no neighbours in sight, however, so you are welcome to pee outside also."
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@Walden1 Not sure I would suggest people use the outside toilet facilities!

I'm not sure either, that's why I'm asking 🙂

I have absolutely no issue with if the guests actually doing so. Up until quite recently (say 40 years ago) that was the common practice around here when doing number 1. In some surrounding houses not far away, without plumbing, it is still the case. This specific house - although quite big and prominently located the the area - didn't have a WC at all until 2012.

The question is whether I can/should write it, or not.

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@Walden1 The biggest mistake hosts can make is cramming too many bed spaces into their listings. At best it will attract poor reviews due to the discomfort people will experience. At worst it will attract a poor standard of guest who will damage your property.

The lack of bathrooms is particularly key in your situation. Please just stick to 2 guests per bedroom and you will be fine.

Thank you! Very helpful @Mike-And-Jane0 .


That answers my question 2 on total number of beds. Many thanks. (However I think there is a reason to have one bedroom with 3 beds; this way no child in a 3 children family will have to stay alone if they don't want to. I've been there, so I know.)


My question 1 is a house with an already well-defined number of beds (6). The previous owner has rented it out succesfully before, with 1 double bed in bedroom A, and 2 bunk beds (sleeping 4) in bedroom B. If I replace one of the bunk beds in bedroom B with a double bed, the total number of beds will remain unchanged. However, would two double beds and one bunk bed be considered more attractive than one double bed and two bunk beds? Or does a double bed need to be the only bed in a room, in order to be "meaningful"?

Personally, I very much prefer a double bed to a bunk bed. So for a group of 4 people, no-one would have to sleep in a bunk bed if I make the change. That is why I am considering it.

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@Walden1 It depends on your market. A double plus a bunk bed would deal with parents and young children sharing a room whilst grandparents/friends have the other. 2 bunk beds is better for a 4 child family. Equally a double and a bunk bed is better for 2 unrelated professionals visiting your town as both would get two comfy beds.

Basically your question is too hard - Sorry!

The question may be hard, but you just helped my thought process a lot. Many thanks!