Affordable & Reliable Bikes for Airbnb

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Affordable & Reliable Bikes for Airbnb

Hi All! 


I hope all is well with you. Recently, I have been debating the idea of bikes for our Airbnb. The property is next to a couple of trails (very mild, nothing extreme). Does anyone have any recommendations or past "wins" with a great bike for guests that was affordable and reliable? 


Thank you! 

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Ruston, LA

Good morning @Harrison95 , that sounds like a great idea! Depending on the location look into good mountain bikes. Also, consider putting air tags on them for security and safety. 

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No sorry

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Have you looked into liability insurance and liability issues. Who is going to pay when guests damage or lose your bikes @Harrison95 


Ask on your local host group for recommendations for bikes. 

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We just bought "cruiser" (no gears to change and only pedal brakes).  Less to break. 

Hi, I have bikes at my host property.

Here's what I have discovered after 8 years.

It's a pain to service them and keep the tyres pumped. The liability of whether brakes work etc. If you are willing to do all that, then great! 

If there is a bike dealer/rental location near by, maybe better to do a deal/promo with them?

Or, you carefully manage expectations that the bikes you provide at completely at the riders risk and you make no guarantee to roadworthiness/safety. But you need to tell them before they book otherwise if they arrive and there's a bike problem, they will be unhappy if they booked predicated on bike availability.

I'm lucky in that I have a big property and what I say now is, the bikes are not roadworthy but usable for the farm only. I leave out a pump to pump up tyres, and when I can be bothered, do it myself occasionally to see if there are any leaks and a tube needs changing (I've given up on doing it myself) and will take it to someone to do an overall service. 

So for the 4 bikes i have, i only offer a few serviced so if they ask, I'll tell them which ones (maybe I should have a tag on them saying so actually).

More broadly I think its another option that's good but be careful in execution.

Btw I have been looking at a property to rent that has bikes to utilise myself, but I'm well aware if I get there and the bikes don't work, then I'm peeved.....

I think I would be happy to pay a little extra to be assured the bikes actually do work and are serviced to be honest. 

Hope this helps



Hello Harrison,

I provide bikes for my guests but do not advertise them in my listing. I do say there are nearby rental sights. I do mention the bikes are available after the guest has booked the cottage but I specify the tires will only hold air for a few days and need to be checked before each ride. I provide an air pump and a pressure gauge, as I also provide some blow up beach toys for kids. I do not provide bike locks because they kept disappearing. I do warn guests not to leave bikes unattended as they will be stolen in a matter of minutes. The bikes I provide are not fancy as this is a beach community and people ride them on the beach and get sand on them. They are all beach cruisers with no gears. I get them from garage sales or Good Will and take them to my bike shop to be checked out and have anything fixed before I use them for guests. I do have a warning in the house manual that I accept no liability and they ride at their own risk. Some guests appreciate the availability of free bikes. Others want a better quality bike for more serious bike riders and will go to the rental places. I have 6 adult bikes and 2 children's bikes. I check them over regularly and mainly need to replace a tire every so often.

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I had a tenant once  very active bike rider..      One thing  he mentioned that I thought cool,    in  Arizona  we get stickers he said,  which cause  flat tires  during his long  (really long)   bike  riides.To prevent  numerous  tire  repairs on his  journeys,  I forget    the   name   but it was aa  more expensive tire he ordered online that I think was thicker or something..  So he   might still get aa flat  but frooom glass or a nail not something that  blew off a  bush.