Best Integrated Smart Lock

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Best Integrated Smart Lock

Hi All,


I've read most of the strings and done quite a bit of searching but I'm yet to locate a good smart lock that fully integrates with AirBnB.  


My preference is for something that doesn't require another app and auto generates/distributes a code to the guest via the Airbnb app/communications.  Anyone seen anything/used anything that fits this profile?




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Hi, I would suggest that you investigate The Airlocking System.  I think it would satisfy all your requirements.  


Here is a cut and paste from their website:


AirLocking ships you a Smart lock system. You just need to connect the system to the internet and follow the straightforward instructions to install the lock.

AirLocking automatically emails your guests' door codes in advance of their trips along with other check-in information you wish to pass along. You are copied on these emails for your tracking.

AirLocking seamlessly links with your Airbnb calendar to track reservations. The AirLocking portal provides status information and allows you to control guest notifications.

AirLocking enables the door code in the lock at check-in time and disables it after checkout time. AirLocking also allows you to have codes for your own use which are separate from the guest codes.

CHECK-OUT BUTTON: (Patent Pending)
Airlocking has added a new feature--a CHECK-OUT BUTTON. When guests leave, they are asked to push this button. Instantly, the Host is alerted to their departure and can proceed with Cleaning Services or Repairs.


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what  about internationally our airbnb is in the Philippines

@Curtis25, is it true that the AirLocking requires a monthly subscription of $9.99?

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Yes, it does. I believe the other options out there which also provide a direct AirBNB integration also have a monthly subscription cost though.

@Curtis25, I have an August Smart Lock which has integration with AirBnB, but has no monthly subscription.

It isn't perfect by any means, but it does work and I don't pay anything monthly.

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So as far as I can tell under the Host Assist tab there are no true integrations with AirBNB today for any existing smart lock (im defining integration as when a user books with air bnb a key is autogenerated by air bnb and sent to my door lock for the user). From what I can tell the upcoming Linus Smart Lock from Yale should be able to do this. It was supposed to be released in late 2017 but has now been pushed to early 2018. This lock in particular is being touted as working with the google ecosystem and being fully re-programmable, so given that I believe it is the best candidate. That said, no one has one so theres no real way to know.


@Airbnb2, it'd be really awesome if you clarified this on your Host Assist page, cause I bought a Yale Real Living lock based on the reccomendation, but there is no way to integrate it with the service, i still have to manually set keys for each renter. 

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I've installed the Vivint home system 2 weeks ago at my Boston listing and it is auto generating temporary codes and emailing to the guests.

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Lockstate did update software which has caused keypad did not responce on Aug 7 2017,  the lock unable to be connected to the wifi or their system at all which cause a lot of hardship to the user. They know their lock keypad does not respose. They did not try to help the user to solved the issue instead they (lockstate) now request user to dismantle the lock and send the circuit board out to them to have it programmed directly. It took 2 more weeks. So we will be without a functional wifi lock. Now the guests I have coming in will have to have key. We spend $$$ for a expensive lock and now you need to hand the key to the guest. What is the purpose for the wifi lock.

As a host, most locks function similarly: Guests can open and close the door with a Smart phone. The software is the real differentiator.


You could choose a software company like VirtualKEY ( that integrates with multiple locks and works with airbnb (as well as other travel sites) to automatically send Guests access valid only for their specific reservation. 


Being a software company, they can focus all their efforts on making the Host's life easier. Broad integrations with locks, travel sites, cleaners, & easier key transfers to friends, neighbors, baby sitters, or dog walkers.



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It doesn't appear that this app works with an August Smark Lock though.

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I don't think all guest wants to use an app on phone.


The best will be to get the code sent by sms plus by mail to guests.

If you email them a code, odds are that they need to open their phone anyway to see the code. Which is more of a hastle than just using the phone. [Scrolling through messages or Emails on phone]. You're on vacation seeing different things, navigating a new town, embracing new experiences, odds are you won't remember a random code.


I have seen people using the last 4 digits of the Guest's phone number. I think there's some danger in that (if other people know your "method" of code generation), but the rest of the traveling party still has to check their phone to remember the code. Confession: I don't know the actual numbers of even my best friends, I just have them as a contact.


If the guest is "old school" and has the print out of the reservation & the door code on them... Better hope they don't lose it or get it stolen, because now a violator has full access to your property.


Phones do offer huge advantages in security. For one, you can have a log of who opened the deadbolt. If there was a robbery (actual or fruad), there is the ability to see that a staff member entered their room & may be the culprit. There is also the ability to ensure that the cleaning staff only has access from 11a-3p on specific days, so that you're not wondering if they entered the combination to commit the crime. Wouldn't it be nice to end the investigation immediately by showing airbnb, "No one else entered the property, here is the log. This is clearly a fraud attempt."


I don't think **all guests want** any one type of entry. Whether it's to:

  1. carry a key,
  2. use a key card,
  3. remember and use a code, or
  4. use an app

The question is which method is the most safe, secure, and convenient for your property & your situation?






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They still have to download an app which is a big pain and a big extra step. 

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it's pretty much depends on your property location and access, i have studio apartment with 3-tier security, currently i use basic digital lock with same pin code for everyone but then my unit is on top floor (20th floor) and guests need to go through 3 security access ( security at the entrance to register as guest, access card at apartment building entrance and the last one lift access where they can only go to my unit's floor.

i have guests that do not properly closed apartment door and left ajar, so far no security issue in that apartment.

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Mike, with due respect, might not be a good idea to tell your potential customers what their pain points are.  I do not want my customers to have to install applications.

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Hi Everyone,


I've been using the August Smart Lock for hosting and so far it has worked well. The company has integrated with Airbnb in the Host Assist section so guests get an automatic invite to use the lock when they book. They also have a keypad you can use with the lock as well. I have some review videos of the product below as well as an instructional video on how the guest will set up and use the lock. I recommend the product, way better than giving out physical keys!


Lock Pros:


Lock Cons:


How guest use the lock:




August smart lock for internatinal travelers:

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Great to see someone actually using smart locks. 


The question is: if you are in an appartment building and most people are. how does the guest access the building in the first place?


The second issue is. you have an August lock. others have other locks. your guests end up downloading every app there is for smart locks.


The third issue is:  security. how do you make sure your lock security is not compromised?

hacking those devices is pretty easy i hear?



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I was going to purchase it but it requires a deadbolt lock... so the door has to manually get shut by someone or else the lock will lock itself without being shut and your door can potentially remain open while thinking the door was shut and locked. So I ended up discarding the idea of purchasing the august smart lock. 

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Hello Charlie,


the Remotelock 6i from Lockstate does everything that you require. You can find a link to their site under the Host Assist tab on your dashboard.


kind regards, Stuart - smartlock

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We used this for a year, great consept but they have NO customer service now (they used to) and it has been a MONTH and it is still not working after dozens of calls. We are leaving!

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Hello stuart could you please describe me about how smart lock working with airbnb?

i heard they connect automatically with airbnb and get unique entrance code for each guest? Is it true? Could you send  me any link or information? I need about 20 smart lock but i am confused for selecting which brand. Thank you. Matt



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