Best Mini Split Set Up

Best Mini Split Set Up


Hi everyone!
I am looking to start hosting in the near future. I recently purchased a property that is very old and has no central A/C. The possibilities of adding a central A/C are very hard since there is barely any attic space. That leaves me with either the option to add window air conditioners, or a mini split or two. 

I decided on the mini split option. They are less noisy and look nicer? I was able to find a really great deal for them (and it would cost me more or less the same as a window air unit). 

The setup is what is killing me. The property is very small. The side that I would be hosting is 441 square feet in size. The mini splits are 12,000 BTU. I don’t know if I should add just one in the largest area of the house on the top of the door, and just ceiling fans in the rooms (option 1), or two mini split in each room and a ceiling fan in the main area (option 2). I feel like two mini split at 12,000 BTU might be too much for such as small place. However I also feel like air conditioning would be preferred in the rooms. What are your thoughts? 

I would like to point out that I could not find a smaller less powerful mini split for the discount, so it has to be 12,000 BTU,  and the wall air conditioners aren’t an option. 

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Out of the two options I think option one with the 12000 btu in the main room and ceiling fans to help circulate. That is already oversized for the entire space. (although fine for 500 sf in my experince)  Ideally if it could be nudge over towards the center or the same wall beside the door would be better, per install instructions, but not sure how much it would matter. There are other facttors such as insulation, drafts, etc. 

I stayed in one ABB with one in living area that also got the bedroom cool but these things can be tricky.  

You may want to try and post same question HVAC fourm such as this one. That's pretty good picture and would likely get some tips.

Hey thanks for the reply and feedback. I really appreciate it!  I thought two might be a bit much, but I wasn’t sure. Glad to hear that the ABB you visited cooled the whole unit. I was worried one wouldn’t cool the whole area, but two would over do it, and that was the dilemma. 

I haven’t opened the split yet to have a chance to read the instructions but I will definitely get to that. Also, I’ll leave the installing to the professionals. 


As for moving the split slightly to the right, unfortunately  that is not possible. That is where the bathroom is located (I forgot to draw it). That was a small rough draft since that location seemed to be the easiest one.  The other sides don’t make sense to me. To the right  side of the right wall is another unit (the property is a duplex), and south wall would be the entrance of the house, so I don’t want the fan showing there. I hope the installation is posible right by the door, but if it isn’t, im sure person installing will help with the placement.

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I congratulate you  with new apartment.

The best way is make air conditioner in each room.  
If I understand right you have two bedrooms it’s mean for people or two pairs of guests. If air-conditioner will common they need open the door,  this Situation is not good. Somebody from guest stay  bad review.


I have such experience. We have apartment in a new building, in best area with sea view, with expensive repair. Like you we have two bedrooms and big leaving room. But air condition install  in the kitchen and  common corridor/hallway. We did that because bedrooms small and we think it’s enough. Some of guests wrote bed review.

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@Elianet1   We have properties with mini splits.  We install them in the main living area and have fans in the bedrooms.  We advise guests to keep the bedroom doors open during the day to get the benefit of cooled circulating air.  We have not had complaints about the setup, but will tell you that guests will turn the A/C on a very low setting (using electricity) so the living area is very cool and the bedrooms are comfortable.  


Note:  You can get more circulation in the bedrooms if you are able to install a small transom (window type opening) above the bedroom doors.  This can be left open for circulation or closed by the guest for noise abatement.

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@Elianet1 @Алена9 @Lorna170 

These are all very good points. It does get tricky. 

I did install a barn door for the bedroom. Its much larger than a regular door, about a foot taller, and it has good airflow around the sides, top and bottom even when closed, irts about 2 inches on all sides. My mini split is in the living area, and only one bedroom, both with ceiling fans. It stays within one degree temp. Its a little different because its also connected to the main HVAC and guest can adjust their space however they want. 

You could also put a mini split in the main living room, and smaller portable units in the bedrooms. Some sit on the floor and ok for small spaces. 

If I could do it all over I would take a different approach, but didn't know how popular it would be, so its all a compromise. It looks like we have all faced the same challenges. 

People who install these all them time will also know what might work. 


Very nice plan,  but where is the bathroom? I'm not criticizing, I just think it would be more convenient for people to have a bathroom. You can make a small bathroom, with a shower or tub, just install a tub surround, because people sometimes can be messy, read here also sink and toilet, this will increase your level as a host 🙂 

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I don't know where you are purchasing your property, but in the Caribbean it is common practice to put the AC units in the bedrooms for use when sleeping, and to have ceiling or floor fans in the common living space.  It would have been helpful if you'd included the dimension and ceiling height of each room.  In one of our apartments, we have a 9K BTU unit in a 117 s.f. bedroom, a 12K BTU unit in a 156 s.f. bedroom, an 18K BTU unit in a 244 s.f. living room (added just a few months ago), and the ceiling height is 11 feet. To better manage and monitor usage, we also installed Cielo Breez Plus smart AC controllers and mounted them to the wall like a standard thermostat controller


You said that you found a good deal on a 12K BTU unit, but didn't say if it's an inverter unit.  If it's not, the money you're saving now will quickly be lost in energy costs due to lower efficiency.

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I suggest pairing these mini split A/Cs with a Klima smart controller. It's like a Nest thermostat but for mini split A/Cs. Requires no wiring too and works with all brands of A/Cs. It can help you see usage/bills in realtime but also allow you to control climate in your property remotely, making sure things aren't running after guests check out etc. **


Will help you reduce energy usage and bills by 30%!


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