Bookings over 1 week

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Bookings over 1 week

Do you provide in between cleaning during the  stay for guests staying for 2 weeks ?

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I do not @Krina2 . I am very clear in my posting, space will be clean upon your arrival it is up to you to maintain it. My rooms are always booked. It works only because they have a dedicated bathroom, if it was shared then I would have to clean it. Every space is going to be different, get creative to make it work best for you. Good luck!

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Hello @Krina2, great question 😊


I am reaching out to some fellow Hosts to see how they have managed cleaning for this type of booking: @Alex1485 @Karen114 @Cheri354 and @Lorina14.





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@Krina2 We do not for 1-2 weeks however I have recently changed to providing cleaning for stays over 14 days. This is popular during the winter months for snow birds. If they stay for a month or two we will do cleaning every 2 weeks at no charge to the guest. 
This is two fold as it keeps the space in decent shape, makes the turnover cleaning less arduous  and also keeps my cleaners busy during the winter with longer bookings. 
This is going into effect for winter 2025 so will see how it goes. So far there hasn’t been any pushback from guests that have booked for 2025. 

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I have not done so and have not had any issues. Some hosts have offered this to help the guest out and to see if there are any repairs that need to be addressed. It is an option you can select for your listing. To my knowledge most hosts do not offer this amenity.


That being said I actually had some guests staying 2-4 days leave the place much messier than someone staying 2 weeks +

I would keep a vacuum cleaner in the space, cleaning products (paper towels, cleaners, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, non scratch sponges in the kitchen, disinfectant wipes) available for people to use at their discretion. I’ve had people clean a lot after I cleaned (I clean very well but some people need to clean personally even if the place was clean) and I’ve had others not clean the bathroom in a month. So it depends on your needs as a host to what you feel would best suit you.

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No, we don't. However, we do show guests where the cleaning supplies are and put out a few extra trash can liners 🙂 We state we give guests a 'starter supply' of cleaning items and toiletries (soap, shampoo, toilet paper..). When that's gone it's up to them to restock.