Can we upload a PDF Guidebook?

Can we upload a PDF Guidebook?

Hello, are we able to upload a PDF Guidebook to our listing?

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No. But you can sent it to your guests (when having a confirmed reservation).

How do you send to confirmed guests? Thx. 

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As @Emiel1 states, you can't upload a pdf of your guidebook.  It's very easy to create on the site.  Mine is about 68 pages.  When I get a confirmed reservation,  when thanking the guest for the booking, I include a blurb about and instructions on where to find my Guidebook on the site.  I find most guests do go back and scan it.  I've  had guests extend their bookings because of all the things to do.



Where on the site can you add your pdf guidebook?

I would like to know how to do this also so that I can upload a PDF of my parking map to one of the automated messages that guests receive after booking. Currently, I must remember to manually upload a non-pdf file for each guest, which seems an unnecessary burden when it could be added to an automated message. 

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Hi, There doesn’t seem to be any answer to this very simple question - how do you pass a pdf to your confirmed guest or add it to your guidebooks? 

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and still no answer - count me in on need to know the answer 🙂

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Airbnb refuse to make it possible to send a PDF to a guest.

It's ridiculous that hosts still cannot upload their own documents, or copy and paste their own write-ups with URLs. It's 2024, and we live in Silicon Valley where you started this business - give back a little Airbnb.

"Adding a Guidebook" thru my Airbnb listing, is essentially entering basic AUTOMATION CODING SCRIPTS so that Airbnb doesn't have to do the branding work themselves. Pay hosts, if you're forcing us to use your stupid archaic system to code our data for you. 

I honestly think this is an embarrassing - all new - level of cheapness. Come on Airbnb.

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I ask their email address and sent the pdf via email.
Or I use their phone and send it via WhatsApp (if they use that)

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Thanks Bob. I'm just too inconsistent sending stuff as my husband manages the bookings. He travels for work, and I'm busy with the kids... so it would be so helpful to just have it in place, you know? It's just silly that we can't do something that helpful/simple. Thank you for caring enough to share! Syma 

@Syma4 @Bob297 I figured out a workaround. Create your PDF file. Store it in your Google Drive. Turn the "anyone with the link can view it" copy the hyperlink and insert it in a scheduled message. I added mine in the "Check-in Details" message that is sent to guests 2-days before check-in. This way you will never forget to send the PDF file to them and have proof that it was sent. My PDF file is for House Rules and other parking/garbage detail info. Hope this helps!

Great Idea!  I will try it.  Another workaround, if it is not too large, is to convert the pdf into small jpg's.  It will make each page into a seperate jpg, but you can send jpg's to guests, this will not work for scheduled messages or for pages with many files, but another workaround....