Comforters / duvet covers

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Comforters / duvet covers

I HATE dealing with duvet covers! But I do. What do yall think about this: Im wondering if its easier to just have a few comforters per bed on hand and wash/rotate rather than dealing with duvet covers. I literally hate dealing with putting on duvet covers. One of my rooms actually has a beautiful super soft light colored slightly decorative comforter that washes easily and i can deal with stains easily. Thoughts....

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Swannanoa, NC

@Katrina393  If you are handling your own cleaning and can rotate the comforters and wash at your convenience -- sure!  


However, be advised that your guests may question the cleanliness of the comforters unless they are in duvet covers.  

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Do a search for "The Burrito Method" of installing and uninstalling comforters in duvet covers. It will change your hosting life! Once you get the hang, it's very quick!


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I'm with you! I love the way they look but they are a nightmare. I have watched endless youtube tutorials on how to change them and they still take forever! A comforter that can handle many washings is something I have considered as well. 

I have ordered several to rotate and wash. About $35 with discount  very nice quality. I have duvet covers too but ugh!