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Cync by GE

Anyone have Cync available to guests? I love Cync for my home…customizable lighting is the riz. Anyway…I have Cync bulbs in guest rooms but I haven’t figured out a smooth way to provide control to guests. As it is now, they would have to download the Cync app, provide me with their email address and then I would have to add them as guest users. Kinda a hassle. It would be nice if it could be smoother!   Any ideas..? 

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@Dark80 We offered Wi-Fi enabled AC and lights 2 years ago and were very surprised to find only 1 /20 guests showed interest in using them, same process you mentioned…


We also found a number of guests unplugged the Wi-Fi adapters for the lights…


Not sure why there wasn’t much interest, we thought it was either privacy or didn’t want the hassle, as you mentioned.