Do you use any kind of paper stickers or printed inscriptions inside the property?

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Do you use any kind of paper stickers or printed inscriptions inside the property?

Except for 'House Rules', do you use any kind of paper stickers or printed inscriptions inside your property to show a guest what is where?

For example, 'towels', 'blankets' etc.

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Best to have both I guess, cater to everyone.

Yes, definitely 

99% of the guests think it' s great.

They say every time there were wondering about something I have answered.


I had some general ones to start-- 11 years ago-- and have added others when the provided information answered "most frequently asked questions" 


I think its important and fills a need and helps the guests. 

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Nope. Am anti plasric and pro saving the trees. Am also a hands, promote totally inclusive practices and am on the premises. So I personally orientate guests on arrival . I've trained home mates on the standard guest orientation in case I'm not around.  If a guest arrives late and is tired, we make time to do the orientation ASAP when they are up. It's a detailed orientation that provides guest with opportunity to see how things work and ask questions real-time and get timely answers. I think it adds quality engagement to the arrival experience.


No labels and/or  pictures in guest spaces(only in shared spaces). It's part of being  intentionally inclusive and deal with issues right away e.g. I show guest where towels are and ask how many they think they will require for their stay, then add if I provided less. Clean walls with no triggers, e. g. guests who are OCD. I put all important information about recycling and water saving info from the city in the guidebook, it's on my profile as well and is electronic. 


I know not all hosts are hands on and on the premises, I will think an orientation video could add more value than labels for visually inclined guests who are scared of breaking stuff etc due to instructions not being clear or detailed. Again, the less paper or stickers the better visually.


Hope this adds some valuable insight from a save the trees and plastic free society aspirant. 

@Mosidinyana0  I recently starting using labels on light switches as a lot of times they are just not placed that intuitively.  I will try to limit to just that as I get the OCD thing and that would drive me crazy looking at labels eveywhere lol.  


Yes, I do. Especially for light switches. 

Using paper stickers or printed inscriptions inside a property can be a practical and creative way to communicate information, add decorative elements, or enhance organization. Here are some common uses and tips for incorporating them effectively:

### Common Uses

1. **Labels for Organization**:
- **Kitchen**: Label jars, containers, and drawers for spices, cereals, and utensils.
- **Office**: Label folders, storage boxes, and desk drawers for better organization.
- **Closets**: Mark shelves and bins for clothes, accessories, and shoes.

2. **Instructional Signs**:
- **Appliances**: Place stickers near appliances with basic operating instructions or safety reminders.
- **Light Switches**: Label switches to indicate which lights or devices they control.
- **Maintenance**: Provide maintenance tips or schedules near HVAC systems, water heaters, or other equipment.

3. **Decorative Elements**:
- **Wall Art**: Use printed inscriptions or decals to add quotes, patterns, or artwork to walls.
- **Furniture**: Decorate furniture with stickers or inscriptions to personalize or update its look.

4. **Safety and Compliance**:
- **Emergency Exits**: Clearly mark emergency exits and routes.
- **Hazard Warnings**: Label hazardous areas or materials to ensure safety.

5. **Personalization**:
- **Names**: Add names to rooms, doors, or personal items to create a personalized space.
- **Welcome Signs**: Use printed signs to welcome guests or provide house rules in rental properties.

### Tips for Effective Use

1. **Quality Materials**: Use high-quality paper stickers or vinyl decals that are durable and resistant to peeling or fading.
2. **Clear and Readable**: Ensure that the text is clear, readable, and appropriately sized for the location.
3. **Design Consistency**: Maintain a consistent design theme to create a cohesive look throughout the property.
4. **Placement**: Place stickers and inscriptions in locations where they are easily visible and serve their intended purpose.
5. **Removability**: Consider using removable stickers or decals, especially for temporary needs or in rental properties, to avoid damage to surfaces.
6. **Customization**: Customize the design and content to suit the specific needs and style of the property.

### Potential Challenges

1. **Surface Compatibility**: Ensure that stickers adhere well to the chosen surfaces and do not cause damage upon removal.
2. **Aesthetics**: Balance the functional aspect with aesthetics to avoid clutter or a visually overwhelming space.
3. **Maintenance**: Regularly check and replace any worn-out or damaged stickers to maintain a neat appearance.

### Example Applications

- **Home Office**: Labels on filing cabinets and storage boxes, motivational quotes on the wall.
- **Kitchen**: Labels on spice jars, containers, and shelves; instructional stickers on appliances.
- **Rental Property**: House rules, emergency contact information, and check-out procedures in printed inscriptions for guests.


Using paper stickers and printed inscriptions can enhance functionality, organization, and aesthetics in a property. By considering the quality, design, and placement, you can effectively integrate them into your space. If you have specific examples or further details about your project, feel free to share them for more tailored feedback.

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Same as others have said, we use a label maker to mark light and fan switches, a/c settings, various instructions, compost bin and trash locations. Anywhere you’d wonder where things were at if you were staying at your place for the first time.

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I have a house book that has house instructions and nearby attractions- grocery store, pharmacy etc


Labels are only on the door with lock instruction and under the TV. It is laminated and attached with Velcro 


I only have a couple of most important instructions in the welcome message. 

I don’t like to have too many other stickers /notes as it I think it would feel overbearing 

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Hello @Muslim4, this is indeed a very interesting topic. Thank you so much for bringing it to our community 😊


There are a variety of opinions and experiences shared in this thread. Have you had the chance to read our Hosts' comments? Have you considered implementing any of their suggestions?


We would love to hear your thoughts 🌟



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Thank you, Paula!


Yes I read the comments with pleasure! Since I am actively working on improving the hosting services I provide, some ideas seem to be worth implementing. The labels are often helpful. In fact, recently I had a short vacation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I booked an Airbnb condo. Everything was excellent and intuitively understandable, some shelves in the kitchen even had labels, also a couple of stickers near the bathroom, but I couldn't find a washing machine. I searched everywhere and even sent a message to the host. Only after some time I realized that the washer is on the balcony. There's a built-in cupboard there where it is actually located. But, anyway, that was such a precious experience for me to try Airbnb as a traveler. Now I know more about the guests needs, what and how I can improve. I really enjoyed my trip!


Dear hosts, if any of you also managed to improve your service after you were guests at someone else's Airbnb property I would love to hear from you!    

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Thanks for your response, @Muslim4! It's wonderful to see you back in the Community. Your trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sounds like an exciting adventure.


I look forward to reading more of your contributions in our Community Center 😊



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I have cabins in the woods of Wyoming and I used pieces of paper I printed out instructions on how to make a fire next to the fireplace. I cut them with decorative scissors and taped them next to the fireplace so they look nice, but I would only use instructions for things that may be confusing, or things you get asked lots of questions about.  If you do too many instruction stickers the space can get overwhelmed quickly.

Yes, I label the light switches. Some go to fans, lanai lights, or security cameras.

@Muslim4 We have used a large magnet on our refrigerator with house rules, wifi password and other answers to common questions. We made a template in Canva and got it printed at a local print shop for very inexpensive. 

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@Muslim4 Ideally you would do well creating a house manual. list down all the details and add in neighborhood favs of yours. ie grocery, restaurants etc