Do you use any kind of paper stickers or printed inscriptions inside the property?

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Almaty, Kazakhstan

Do you use any kind of paper stickers or printed inscriptions inside the property?

Except for 'House Rules', do you use any kind of paper stickers or printed inscriptions inside your property to show a guest what is where?

For example, 'towels', 'blankets' etc.

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Namyangju-si, South Korea

hello @Enoch10 

I'm hosting in South Korea

Yes, I use a label printer to put a simple explanation for guests visiting my house for the first time.

For example, wifi information, the names of the light switches if there are a lot of them.


This is something that guests have commented on in their reviews as being helpful and friendly.


However, it would be nice to keep it simple and not make guests feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.




Label printer is a good idea, I should keep it in mind. Is it expensive?


For Wi-Fi, I simply print out the QR code on a paper.


I plan to use small notes for towels and blankets in a cupboard since I keep them inside. The location of iron is also good to be mentioned in my property.

Yes, also WiFi instructions on a laminated sheet. We also label all the remotes.

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Yes I use an embossing label maker. It's old school. I remember my mom had one when I was growing up. Asked her if she still has it. But she nor my sister even remember it. 

They still make them so I ordered one. I use them on all the switches as there are a lot for different lights and fans.  I put one in the shower on the tile that says "HOT" for the hot water and has stayed there for over 4 years. 

I was a little concerned putting a label on the Washer Dryer doors but it was necessary. "Open Here" or guest will pull on the wrong side and pull the door off the hinges. Also "Don't overload, 1/2 full max" or some guest will try and cram two queen size bed spreads, sheets, and towels all in one go, which will damage it. 

I also put one on the door lock. "Mosquitoes, please keep door closed" because it would so annoying to let in mosquitoes for next guest which would be super annoying for them and could result in bad review. Once again I thought some guest might think it's too controlling but so far have only had compliments on them as being helpful. I think labeling all the switches just makes it easier for them, so they are good with it, and the others prevent expensive damage so it's a win win.  

Absolutely. I have one of those Brother P touch label makers. Cheap and effective.

I put labels especially on drawers and cupboards in kitchens as I have a large kitchen to help find everything. And on light, heating and fan switches to indicate whats what.

Guests comment positively, but make sure it's not intrusive or unwelcoming as suggested by other host.

Any signage I put up around use of things as well, I always make sure it sounds friendly with a smiley face and thankyou.


Hello. I have notices in frames hung on the walls on the inside of the house.

On the outside, we have larger printed signage with information drilled onto the walls. 

The No Smoking signs are stickers on the inside walls.




Mostly I do not.  But I have put a few on light switches so that is less confusing.

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Dallas, TX

Yes!  I have a label maker, and have labeled all the light switches. It  really helps with finding lights for outside and in the kitchen where there are multiple lights!

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I do use laminated labels, in the kitchen, the pantry , the bathroom and living room. To help people access and find things. 

We realised it helps. We started by adding numbers to the rooms. Made a list of items and arrows that will be hunged or pinned. A labeling printer serves convenient and very fast.

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No , I set up my Airbnb intuitively so that guest don’t have to look hard for things ..pretty straightforward .

Paper stickers or printed inscriptions can be useful for:

1. Labeling: They can be used to label items such as storage bins, drawers, or cabinets to help organize and identify belongings.

2. Instructions: They can provide instructions or guidance for using appliances, operating equipment, or navigating the property.

3. Reminders: They can serve as reminders for tasks, appointments, or important information that occupants need to remember.

4. Decoration: They can be used to add decorative elements to the interior of a property, such as wall decals, artwork, or quotes.

However, it's important to use paper stickers or printed inscriptions thoughtfully and sparingly to avoid clutter and maintain a clean and organized environment. Additionally, consider using removable or temporary adhesive materials to minimize damage to surfaces and allow for easy removal or replacement when needed


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I created a house manual for my listing. A small 10 page or so booklet with anything that I want to tell them about the property and useful information like communication and wifi, if u want u could include how to use TV, etc. I found that is pretty helpful. It also cuts down on the queries during the stay. I found that is pretty helpful.


I also going to slip in a survey of sorts, quick 2 minutes, about different stuff I want to get data on. Still considering it.   

Great idea on the survey!

I was also considering a more digital version of the survey post visit to collect data, not sure how many people read the physical house manual vs the one the airbnb app has?