Does anyone put a sign on the property advertising that it is for rent?

Does anyone put a sign on the property advertising that it is for rent?

Does anyone put a sign on the property advertising that it is for rent?  Do you get signs professionally made?


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Hi @Patti291 ~ Our situation is a bit different..we rent out the private, full second story of our Historic home while living on the main floor. Guests have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, laundry/kitchenette. When we have a Guest on their way, we put out a lawn sign with our house name, the Guest parking sign where they can park, a Welcome sign on their exterior door and an arrow pointing up on the stairs leading to their entrance. We leave it out the whole time Guests are staying with us so they can find their way back again at the end of their day 🙂 It really helps mark our space.


We ordered from, "Signs on the Cheap", getting matching colored items. They are made from a lightweight corrugated plastic. We got the upgraded extra exterior coating to make them last 🙂


We bought a black metal real estate type lawn sign holder ($50 from Amazon) because it is more sturdy and won't bend or sway in weather. It also has a sign header in case we want to get another sign with our phone number.


The arrows we got from Amazon ( and spray painted them to match. The arrow and Welcome door signs we hung using adhesive padded peel off tape, sticking them to a door and stair rail. The parking sign is held in place with wire (after hubby drilled small holes). The black metal sign holder sticks into the lawn.

I'll post this info now but will add the pricing when I get home to look that up 🙂 They were very reasonable and you can customize the signs, seeing an example before the purchase.

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@Patti291  Most of the hosts in my area do not have "This is a Rental" signage on their properties as they wish to maintain discretion or the privacy of their guests.  What seems to be popular is a simple plaque which names the property -- Marigold House, Sunset Acres, etc. or a sign that indicates that the property has some historic value -- Smith Farmhouse, Circa XXXX.