Door Locks for front and garage door

Door Locks for front and garage door

I am looking for advice on Smart door locks that possibly work together with one code?  We will be putting a lock on the front door and one going out to our garage (we will be letting guests use the garage during their stay).


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I have all my bedrooms and access doors equipped with electronic smart locks.
My system is tied into my home security system which is just an app on my phone. The way mine works is each guest is assigned 1 pin code. I then assign what locks that pin code unlocks. The other benefit is I can set the permissions to auto delete on the reservation end date. one less thing to have to do.

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Hi @Mandy525 👋


Did you manage to find some smart door locks in the end? If not, there have been some great conversations on the Community Center about smart locks. If you head to the top search bar, and type in smart locks you get lots of results. 


Let us know how you got on if you did get some! 😊



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