Guest cleaning checklist

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Guest cleaning checklist

Who has a good guest pre departure cleaning checklist?

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@Aaron48 I try to keep mine super simple and it has been very effective. I’ve personally been to Airbnb’s where the checkout list is so long it’s kinda annoying.


I also have scheduled mine to be automatically sent the evening before check out and it’s exactly this:


Hi there!


Hope you are enjoying your stay!

For check out tomorrow morning: please cover the outdoor furniture, turn off all the lights and fans, and load the dishwasher, if possible. Nothing else is required but if you moved any furniture, it would be appreciated if you move it back.


We recycle, please use the blue bins for items that need to be recycled and the black bin for trash.


Let us know if you need anything or have recommendations on how to make the space more comfortable.

@Aaron48 This is what we requests from our guests:



1. Load all used dishes and start dishwasher

2. Empty all food in the fridge

3. Put garbage in the bins outside. Bins need to be placed at edge of the driveway. Trash pickup is as early as 4am on Mondays.

4. Turn off all lights 5. Lock all windows and doors.

6. Set thermostat to 78 degrees cooling in Summer time; 60 degrees heat in the Fall/Winter




'Hope this helps...

@Aaron48 My checkout instructions are pretty simple, I don't ask much of the guest as I really want the guest to just enjoy themselves and not be bothered with anything. My cleaning fee is $50 for a 1br unit and $70 for a 2br unit. It's sent at 5pm the night before checkout.




I hope that you are having an excellent stay so far!


I would like to remind you that check-out time is by 11:00 AM (unless you made previous arrangements with me), a couple of things to remember when checking out tomorrow:


1 ) Don't forget to leave the key back where you got it from when you are all packed up and ready to head out.
2 ) If you have time, start a load of towels in the washer, while not needed it's much appreciated. Everything else will be taken care of by the housekeeper.
3 ) Leave me a review! And I love getting feedback about things that could have been done better during your stay by using the private comments in the review.
4 ) Safe travels home!


Let me know if you have any questions!

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@Aaron48 Thank you so much for booking with us, ∕guest first name∕; we truly appreciate you and hope it was relaxing and peaceful. Check out is simple! Our check out time is ∕checkout time∕ and we just ask that you wash your dishes, take out any trash and recycling (the green can is trash and the rest are recycling), and please strip the bed and pile up any linens on the floor in a pile so our cleaner knows what you’ve used. Please wash any dirty dishes and empty coffe pot and filter. Double check the closet and drawers to ensure you’re not leaving anything behind! On your way out, please remember to leave the key on the entryway table and leave the suite door unlocked. If it’s possible to remember to message me when you check out, even better! Sometimes, if you leave early, my cleaning person can get in early, but no big deal if you forget! I hope you have safe travels back home and come see us again!

@Aaron48 Mine is inspired by others on this site!



I hope that you are having an excellent stay so far!


I would like to remind you that check-out time is tomorrow by 11:00 AM (unless you made previous arrangements with me). Here are a couple of things to remember when checking out tomorrow:


1 ) Don't forget to put the key back in the lock box.
2 ) Leave your most recently washed dishes in the dish rack.

3 ) Please take your trash with you. You can dispose of your trash in the large trash bins in Athabasca in the back alley behind the businesses.

4 ) We can recycle your empty bottles and cans. Please leave them in the blue bag in the bin provided.

5 ) Please turn out all the lights.

6 ) Leave me a review! I love getting feedback about things that could have been done better during your stay by using the private comments in the review.
7 ) Safe travels home!


Let me know if you have any questions!


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@Aaron48 We keep it super simple and not very strict if the guest ignore the check-out procedure. This is what we send; 


We at hope you've enjoyed your stay. Here is a checklist for departure.
At departure/10am-
please remove all trash, pile dirty towels and bed linens on bathroom floor, lights off and don’t forget to do a final sweep for personal items.
Wishing you & yours safe travels.
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@Aaron48 My check out instructions are:

Leave all towels in the bathroom. 

Load and start dishwasher. 

Take out trash.

Return garage/door key card back to condo.


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@Aaron48 As with some others our checkout instructions are simple and we don't ask much of the guest either…




Before you leave, please…


  •         Check under the bed and in wardrobe for any personal belongings
  •         Empty the refrigerator of any personal food/beverage
  •         Put recyclables in trash, we will sort them out
  •         Leave used dishes or utensils on top of desk
  •         Set AC/heating unit remote to 68°
  •         Turn off TV and all lights
  •         Message us when leaving so suite can be cleaned
  •         Leave a friendly review if you enjoyed your stay!


That’s all...we have it form here.


Thank you for choosing us.

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@Aaron48 Le istruzioni sono poche e semplici:

- Spegnere tutte le luci e i dispositivi elettronici

-Chiudere porte e finestre.

-Svuotare i cestini e riporre asciugamani in bagno.

-Dopo aver chiuso a chiave la porta di ingresso, lasciare le chiavi nella cassetta di sicurezza.


Niente di particolarmente impegnativo per gli ospiti che già avranno il loro bel da fare a riporre tutto il loro abbigliamento in valigia.


Translation added by Community Manager: 

@Aaron48 The instructions are few and simple:

- Turn off all lights and electronic devices

-Close doors and windows.

-Empty the bins and put away towels in the bathroom.

-After locking the entrance door, leave the keys in the safe.


Nothing particularly challenging for guests who will already have their work cut out for them to put all their clothing in their suitcase.

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@Aaron48 I keep it simple:


Before you leave:

Please put all used dishes into the dishwasher.  Put used towels etc. into the bathtubs or laundry baskets.  If you’ve used the extra pillows or bed covers, please leave them on the closet floor so I know they need to be cleaned.

Close all windows.  Turn off lights.  Leave the keys on the entry table and lock the door knob lock.

Please text or message me when you leave.


We hope you have a wonderful stay!!!!



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@Aaron48 I simply inform my guests to "clean as you go".  I generally expect my guests to treat my place as they would treat their own homes.   I don't leave a lot of dos and don'ts.


From time to time, you would encounter guests that leave my place with a lot of trash and more work for me to do.   For the most part, the guests I have encountered are respectful of my place and they leave me positive reviews.

AirBNB has an excellent starting point on this: "Checkout Instructions" under Info for Guests/Before Booking in your Listing. It starts with basics and you can add from there. I have seen Instructions in a notebook, but the space I was in had the room for it. Having it as part of the Listing helps inform the guest and saves you some room in your space.

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