Help me choose the best photo as my cover!

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Help me choose the best photo as my cover!

Calling all Airbnb hosts!


I'm reaching out for advice on optimizing my listing photos and enhancing the appeal of my property. Lately, my views have dropped dramatically, almost to zero, and bookings have slowed compared to March. I'd greatly appreciate any insights on selecting compelling photos and strategies to make my listing stand out amidst the competition.


Let's brainstorm and elevate our hosting game together!

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Ciao @Kinza4 , personally I would choose the second photo on your listing as the cover one 😉

Thank you! I will be trying that out for some time 🙂

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Yes, change the cover photo, living room photos are much better, also take a new one of bedroom because this bedroom photo has a lot of shadow. Open light as a tip.

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it's a toss up between this one and 




@Kinza4 , 


I agree with @Sharon-Lou0 ; the living room picture looks good. There is another one for the living room with a beautiful view of the windows (and a mirror in the corner that I hope is attached to the wall somehow), but it is not bright enough, and everything looks yellowish. So, I choose the one above.


you did an amazing job in designing this place.

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Hello @Kinza4, what a great topic. Which picture did you end up using as a cover picture? And how often do you change it?


Keep us posted! 😊📸



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Hi your place is lovely and reviews are great so well done you! I really don't think photos are probably the issue, but its always worth experimenting. I do find a photo of the front of what actually the property is, in the top 4 does help.


Have you considered its just seasonal low booking time? Have you checked if your competitors in area are also not booked around the same time you are seeing vacancies? I'm having a super quiet May but so are my competitors. Even if I dropped the price, it doesn't neccessarily change the bookings and then you start to get a different set of guests which isn't sometimes good for your ratings or how they treat your property (I've learnt this the hard way).


The only other thing is that your intro paragraph is quite forward, maybe this is cultural. And it doesn't describe exactly what I'm getting right upfront, how many beds, etc. What is your summary value proposition of your offering?  It might put others off, describing other 'boring airbnbs' and saying look no further..... I have a rule, never diss the competition in public.


Keep up the great hospitality ! I'm sure the bookings will come, unless your competitors have upped their game and that includes hotels.... being an Airbnb host is not about making profit per say, otherwise put your property onto long term rental, but being in the hospitality business and taking the ups and downs as they come. And the occasional doozy of a booking you wish you hadn't taken.....