How do we attract more eco-tourists?

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How do we attract more eco-tourists?

I'd love to get ideas on how to get our guests to get out of their cottage and explore the 40 acres they've been given to explore the Ozark glades. Thus far most people just sit on the porch and enjoy the view.  How do we attract more ecotoursits? How to we get guests who may be from far away places that will be amazed at the local wildlife and fauna so they can learn more about these fragile eco systems and where they can play a part in it's function and sustainability?


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Hi @Steve4164 ! Such a nice and interesting question !


I have created a fresh conversation from your comment, so that our fellow Hosts can notice your questions and help us with their suggestions around sustainability (since you commented on a thread from 2021).

We have a few members in the Community who actively advocate sustainability. I am inviting them to this thread in case they would like to share their experiences and ideas they follow to attract eco-tourists. @Laurelle3 @Kitty-and-Creek0 @Claudia331 @Felicity11 @Jennifer3225 . 💚 




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Thank you @Bhumika for this conversation!


@Steve4164sustainability is one of my favourite topic and I've been working on it for 2 years with a group of italian Community Leaders.


In particular, we wanted to made hosts aware about their sustainable practices and help them to educate guests for a proper, more respectful stay. In addition, we aimed to support hosts in the capacity to communicate their approach attentive to the territories and the planet also because we are assisting to a real growth of the eco tourism trend


Have a look of our website if you like and let me know if you find sometring useful for your question or you have some idea to improve the information and the behaviour of our guests


We based our approach on "gentle advices" spread in the house which can change the behaviour


In the last months we have also collaboarte with @Felicity11 and @Jennifer3225 bringing ahead some actions to sensitize people, hosts, guests, to do something concrete for their community and territory like a cleanup, meetup dedicated to the sustainability...

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Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much @James3741 @Kitty-and-Creek0 @Claudia331 @Laurelle3 for sharing such great tips and advices!

Hi @Steve4164 ! Hope the comment from our super-kind Hosts help you to attract eco-tourists to your listing and help with a wider perspective of how Hosts can support sustainability through hosting. Keep us posted if you've already implemented few of these great suggestions from fellow Hosts😍.



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@Bhumika Thanks for bringing this wonderful conversation to our attention!


@Steve4164 It is a terrific topic, and for us it is all about what we say and show in our listing.


@Claudia331 Gentle advice is an important part of it for us, eg "here's how to avoid accidentally sabotaging our septic system".  The other part is being a living example, delighted to share what we've learned over the past 32 years on this mountain.


We are hands-on home share hosts in the mountainous wilderness of Northern California. We've rocks, forests & vast vistas; wildlife of every size, shape, habits, food preferences and color scheme. Our guests can hide out, or they can join us in any of our usual activities here,  including wilderness hikes. In our listing we make it clear that we are remote and that living here requires personal resilience, appreciation and respect for our surroundings. We are delighted to share what it is like for us to successfully live off the grid, with no other options. The phenomenal beauty of this area is world famous, and we do our best to fulfill our guests' goals for their visit. It is all about them, and they all seem to know why they are here. 

@Steve4164  @Bhumika has passed on your message.

Great topic I wish Airbnb would address this with a Sustainable badge for Host who would like to go along this pathway of help our earth survive the future. Are you Listen @Quincy and Brian Chesky?


I have mentioned in the description of our cottage is that we have a love for an eco-conscious lifestyle. Under The Space  heading I have put that we strive for sustainability listing what we have and use. Have a look at our listing with our link below or under my name on the community forum and view profile

Link is;  


What i thought you could do is make up a tourist folder for your visitors and leave in the accommodation..


Make a map of your property with walking tracks close to the accommodation with some photos along the way.

 *  Take some photos of the flaura and fauna with captions where they may see them on the map  and the season.

 *   Put a list of birds and phots that they may see on your property.

 *   Suggest spots to go for a picknic on your property

 *  Make a scavenger hunt with things to find .

 *  Make a collection of pressed flowers and encorage them to do the same.

 *  Make a photo collection of the fish that has been caught on the property and suggest where          to catch them on your map. 

*  On your map put the where the swimming hole is with photos.


I have just looked at your property and location Wow , how inviting a real natures retrat. I also looked up the Ozarks where it is and another interst learning for me on the wide Airbnb world that we all live in.


@Kitty-and-Creek0 has really lived the experience of being sustainable and living off the grid. I have read her contributins on the Airbnb Community Forum topics on Sustainability. I am sure Kitty is the most experienced for being rural and remote.

Thank you Kitty I am always learning. when you are brought up in the rural bush propert/farm it never leaves you with you. we take the things we learnt as a child everywhere we go they are memories and experiences that we can pass onto others.


@Claudia331 with her Love Stustaibability site is definately full of information and I love her leaf advertisement on her Airbnb site. I keep saying I am going to put a picture of a leaf and some words on my photo page..



Laurelle from Down under. .

You could create some easy trails around the property with educational signs about the local plants/animals. Having a guidebook or map at check-in with suggested walks could inspire people to spend time outside. You may also want to ask if guests would be interested in an organized tour/activity one evening (like a guided night hike). Partnering with a local ecotour company could help promote educational excursions too. Overall, making it easy and providing some context may help guests appreciate your natural gem even more. Best of luck!

@Steve4164 A number of years ago we attempted to attract  ”eco friendly tourists,,,highlighted our green, sustainable, solutions…” we were unsuccessful -our  guests ranked sustainable/green solutions…as last on their list as to why they selected our spot.


If eco-tourism is a niche you want to attract, and currently there isn’t a “eco” filter on airbnb…an idea may be to create social for your profile… focusing on ecotourism…attract the guests where they may be looking…