Listing popularity

Listing popularity

Dear team,


I would like to know how can I increase the popularity of my space. Am not getting too much booking from last 2-3 months. Please advise me with tips for increasing my listing popularity. I was tried with smart pricing also. Still it’s seems the same

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@Sadiq15 it seems the last few months were quite slow. But we're all hoping to gain more bookings/occupancies as the summer months are approaching. Here are several tips you can consider to attract more guests.


-Keep your listing information up to date, including any new amenities, improvements, or local attractions.

-Check the pricing of other Airbnb listings in your area to ensure your rates are competitive. Adjust prices based on demand and seasonality.

-After their stay, kindly ask guests to leave a review. Positive reviews can significantly boost your listing's visibility and attractiveness.

-Consider exploring other pricing tools beyond Airbnb's Smart Pricing to optimize your rates and potentially increase bookings. These tools use algorithms to analyze data like local demand, seasonality, and events in your area to recommend competitive pricing. Hope this helps!

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You can do all the pricing and review. But in my own experience I never cared too much about the price, I set however I feel. 

Instead of focusing on what I cannot control, I focused on - what kind of a space do I want to stay .. 

I put promotion few days before if dates still free. I try to get 30 days a month. So your place become a rare find also for $$

In the beginning I was trying to look at what other hosts doing, and check on how pricing etc works,. But I did not like to make it like a hotel it's too commercial (if I'm a guest. Also it's my own home I'm just renting a private room) so I decided to create a space that I personally would love to stay, the kind of vibe that I want. 


Do the best you can do with your customer service, people who appreciate will always leave a good review. There are always some people will criticise and even break or steal your stuff...but they will have their karma I try not to take it personal. 


Another tip is, always stay true with yourself. Put in your personality in the place too. People feel it. Don't take **bleep** and just be honest, no people pleasing. If they disrespect you, don't take it. Give them respect and just enough of attention....


What you need is your top few " excellent review" from some great guests. 

Hi, as a new airbnb host and your ratings are below 3.5, you will drop in the search rankings. You are not near super host or anything like that.


Nothing you can do about that unless you wanted to dispute the first review you got which really tanked you. Are your recent guests not even reviewing you, then that indicates there was a problem. You need to get that feedback even privately to refine your offering.


I suggest looking understand how airbnb works. Security deposits outside airbnb are not required. It's a different system for claiming damages etc. Very few will want to book your property if you insist on this, hope thats changed.


Be accurate on your listing with your location and set expectations. Over time you will slowly improve your rating if you provide your guests a positive experience that matches or exceeds their expectations, thats all the counts here. Anything less than 5 is a kiss of death unfortunately. I hate 4 star reviews, but I always ask why, and when they say, its because they couldn't find the vacuum cleaner or thought the couch was uncomfortable, then thats feedback for me to improve something. 

Hope this helps,




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Hi @Sadiq15 👋


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