Lockstate and RemoteLock - other hosts having similar issues?

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Lockstate and RemoteLock - other hosts having similar issues?

We used LockState and RemoteLock at our property and purchased 7 of their locks.  All of the locks have failed over time and we have continued to replace them by purchasing new locks each time they break.  However, the company is now cancelling lock holders accounts by holding them hostage to a new pricing scheme that increases the monthly service fee 750% over the old cost.  WARNING- they essentially are bricking your lock unless you pay the new use fees- making them useless as a host.  I spent thousands of dollars on lock hardware with a fixed service fee- serious buyer's remorse over this bait and switch.  Stay away from their locks when you are considering what lock to use on your property. 

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Hi @Derek292, Thank you for sharing about your experience and a word of caution for other Hosts. 

Have you managed to find a different service or product that better goes with requirements since this happened?

We have had many discussions related to smart locks where many hosts have shared their elaborate experiences on which smart locks are convenient. Please feel free to have a look at those discussions by using the search bar.




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Yes- on a separate property we are using Utec locks and they have been mostly reliable, although we’ve had reliability issues with some of their internet bridges that are required to connect to the lock.  They are not charging us any service days for lock management.

My frustrations continue with RemoteLock.  They let us know that on October 1- they will be disabling all connections with the locks if you don’t sign up for a year-long plan with their service.  They are essentially rendering the locks useless for hosts if you don’t sign up.  Ugh.

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Hi there,

We just recently had to replace our key pad locking unit. The brand is Schlage. I’ll try to attach a photo.
It has worked for us since it was first installed 5 years ago. Then we noticed the 4 AA batteries was dying a little quicker and we were replacing the batteries thinking the batteries were going.

This was the most inexpensive way to first determine if we needed to replace the unit.
After a few weeks, it was apparent that the lock unit had to be replaced. My husband did the research on this brand and they only have a five year lifespan and our particular front door where it’s installed faces extreme heat up to 118°, so we’re really surprised it even lasted that long. He read that any of the wire circuits could go out in time with extreme weather conditions. So we picked one up at home depot for about $300 and reconnected with our Wink app system $6.99 monthly fee.  
Connecting to the Wink allows us to input a unique code for every renter where we can delete it upon their departure and set a new code for incoming renters.
The system is also attached to ADT alarm system, that if it gets opened without our consent, the alarm will go off and local authorities will arrive. So far the system has been the best way for us to secure the home being that we’re out of state from this Airbnb rental.


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Our RemoteLock fees increased by 400% with the forced change to the new plans because we also had to go with the "enterprise" plan in order to not lose features we need.  We have multiple units and one has a Schalge smartlock for which Remote lock now charges an extra $12 per month per lock on top of all other fees.


There's virtually no one at the company to talk to.  They no longer answer phones whether you try sales or support. Voicemailboxes are full.  We have multiple properties, some with RemoteLock's own brand of locks (Lockstate) and one with Schlage.


I'm looking for alternatives, searching airbnb community and elsewhere but not having much luck yet.  My requirements are:
1. support multiple listings
2. auto-generate codes when guest books
3. sends guests their code at selected schedule prior to check in with my customized message
4. auto-deletes codes when guest leaves
5. changes scheduled active time for code if guest alters reservations

6. Allows both short and long term (6+ month) codes

I'll gladly switch my other unites to Schlage, but for now my first quest is to find a replacement for RemoteLock's system.

Hi Jarred?

we are having they same issue. Did you find another company which can manage their locks?

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Totally agree!  Had the same issue.  Have 7 of their locks at various properties.  All of them have failed at one point or another. I have 2 of them that just went offline at the same time- cannot get ahold of customer service no matter what i try.