Recommendations for apps for guests on iPad?

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Recommendations for apps for guests on iPad?

Hi fellow hosts!


I was wondering if there are any great apps you can recommend for an iPad that will be placed on the wall in our listing. For example, friendly reminders to take out bins before garbage collection days, friendly reminders if our gardener or cleaners will be coming the next day.


There's a lot of information that gets lost in printed house manuals so would like to use an iPad to convey timely info for guests. Also open to other apps as well that I can use for guests to help them with their stay.


Thank you!

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Hi @Melissa0 ,


Did you manage to find any app suggestions to achieve this? Do you have any suggestions for our fellow Hosts?



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Hi Bhumika,


It not an app but I created a web "app" that guest's get before their arrival. It serves the OP's purpose except the notification part. I posted examples below.

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@Melissa0  I wouldn't worry too much about the apps, because the iPad will get stolen from your AirBnB in about a minute. 

No i've had one in all my airbnbs for years. Most of the ipad wall mounts are lockable for that very reason!

Definitely not my experience.