Returning money mid-stay

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Returning money mid-stay

Joe booked the house for May 16-19, 2024.
According to Airbnb, three people were staying, him, his wife and a two-year old.

Even with many interventions, the dishwasher hasn’t worked since we got the house. The dishwasher is not listed as an amenity.

On the 16th, Joe emailed me and states the dishwasher doesn’t work, he would like it fixed by the next morning, if not he needs a partial refund (no amount requested) or he wants to cancel the rest of the nights.  

I offered him $30 as a partial refund and gave him extra 90 minutes to check out if so chose.

He left with the suggestion that we put a very big sign on the dishwasher that says it doesn’t work so it can be seen in the picture. 😞

Honestly, I know both of us were assuming I would return his money for the cancelled nights. However, I said he could leave if he wants to but didn’t say I would return his money. I imagine the return of money is Airbnb’s prevue.

Airbnb said they will remove a bad review because the dishwasher wasn’t listed as an amenity, but that was when I was still assuming I would return his money.

I would appreciate your perspectives. I am conflicted for a number of reasons.

Should I return the money? (2/3 of what I received)
What if I return the money and he still writes a bad review?

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@Felicia193 You could buy a new dishwasher for what you charge as a nights stay. I would do so assuming it is not a water supply or drain issue.

If you offered for him to leave I think you have to return his money for nights not stayed.

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Either way he is going to write a bad review. Yes, you should have told your guests that the dishwasher wasn't working. 

I didn't list the dishwasher as an amenity meaning there wasn't a dishwasher. My priorities are transparency and cleanliness. I would never lie about something being there that is not. 

Thanks for your input. 

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I think if there is a dishwasher there, it should be working. You need to get it repaired or removed. As I see it, if it's there it's an amenity. Sorry but I would complain too. Also as you agreed he could leave early you should have refunded nights. To be honest the whole problem needent have happened if you had maintained/checked equipment before letting (I even switch on lamps to check light bulbs before guests arrive)


Regards Dave