Should I get Cigarette / Marijuana Smoke Detectors ?

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Should I get Cigarette / Marijuana Smoke Detectors ?

For hosts who have NO SMOKING as part of their house policy, do you have any type of Cigarette / Marijuana Smoke Detectors inside your home? If yes, what brand/type? I'm looking into this because I consistently say no smoking and yet have guests who do (thankfully not many guests, but still 1 is too many)


The longer back story if you'd like to read it.... Was renting to a group of folks recently who stayed in the main house and I was staying in the garage apartment with my husband (converted into an apartment for us to live on-premise while guests are there, separate entrance and living space from the main house). We started smelling something coming from the HVAC unit that is located inside the garage and when we put our nose right up to the HVAC system could clearly smell marijuana smoke coming through the machine which indicates that folks inside were smoking. We message them and said " I just wanted to check in to ensure your stay is going well. We got a notification from the alarm company that there is smoke currently in the house. Please be aware that there is no smoking allowed inside the house. If there's anything you need from us, please let us know." This is a partially true statement, our alarm company would notify us if there was a smoke/fire situation but cannot detect cigarette/marijuana smoke. The guest's response was an immediate response that said "yes ma'am" followed by another response 12 mins later saying "We were baking cookies". Ok while I have never smoked before I have DEFINITELY baked a lot of cookies before in my life and know that the smell of cookies is not strong enough to penetrate my HVAC system. Secondly, when the guest checked out one bedroom reeked of the same marijuana smell. Since I do not have any cameras inside my house, I have no way to "prove" that the guests were smoking inside the house. I am thankful that a day of open windows and replacing all the filters in my house/HVAC system took care of the smell - but seriously, I would really like smokers to be charged the "smoking fee" for smoking inside my house. Not to mention, in the state where I operate my AirBNB (North Carolina) marijuana is illegal on both a state level and the Federal level as well.

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I am using in my villa but want to try Sentry in my new apartment. 

Please tell me if you are happy with your Wynd devices.

I have a Sentry that does not pair with my WIFI. the company has sent me two units and still not able to pair.  They are worthless. 

Hi @Lynda120  - I’m sorry to hear that your unit wasn’t pairing to WiFi. We don’t usually have that complaint and if you’re still using our service please reach out to our support to get immediate assistance. 


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Hi Hans, sorry I just now saw this. We have a sentry in two separate rooms in our basement apartment and it has worked great. See the post above for an example report. They also detect sound levels.

@Jordan746 How did it go? Do you like it? I'm looking into the system.

@Ryan3559 Yes! We have one in each of our rooms. We get an alert via text message whenever smoking or noise is detected. 


We've noticed that vaping also triggers it, but you get a report showing levels of particulate matter. Generally low levels indicate vaping, which doesn't bother us, while higher levels indicate actual smoke. 


We give a guest a warning, and after continued use send a request to Airbnb to charge the penalty, and attach the sentry reports. It has worked every time. 

Thanks @Jordan746 ! How much do you charge the guest? 

Our house rules and listing description both say no smoking with a $100 fine for violations. Guests are fairly warned ahead of time. 


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