Space Ideas

Space Ideas

Hi! We are very new airbnb hosting and need some help on our listing. We are getting bookings but not as many as we would like. We would like to find affordable ways to elevate our space and make use of the small space. It was a apartment at one time and we have just furnished it and remodeled some, but we are unsure of where to go next. Any suggestions you may have are greatly appreciated!

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Congratulations on your first listing! You have a beautiful space with a lot of amenities that people look for. Two suggestions, based on my experiences, are the following. The eye-catching bed spreads may have too much personality for the guest space, especially compared to the rest of the furnishings. Dark colored bedspreads can also be less reassuring to guests that they are frequently laundered. I use all white bed linens and towels, and I've had a number of guests thank me for this. (Laundry tip: my linens and towels stay beautifully clean with baking soda added to the drum and a vinegar rinse, not bleach.) Guests like being able to see immediately for themselves how clean the bedding and towels are. My second thought is your first, highlighted photo could be one that better shows off your space. The highlighted photo shows a lot of empty space around the house and creates a bit of a desolate feeling, whereas your other photos show a welcoming, homey feel. Your doorway with the address sign above is darling. Maybe one of photos that highlights that would be nice as your first photo. Maybe some trees planted around the house will give the photos a more established feel. I wish you all the best!


Thank you so much we will definitely take your suggestions!! I appreciate you taking the time to look at our listing:)

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Hello! Congrats on your first listing. You have a great space, here are a few suggestions:

-modernize a little bit. New art that pops, with some decorative colors will go a long way in helping your place stand out. This includes curtains, plants, plates etc.

-bed linens should pop as well, but try to make the room match a specific decor. I would stay away from white as they stain easily and have to be replaced often. 
-photos, I would get a professional photographer to help make the place pop. Pretty cheap, and will really help set the tone for a nice listing.
hope this helps!  

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My suggestions

I know a computer glitch I see it on so many listings I check mine Haha.  It says no essentials.

For me if I am renting a whole house you delivering breakfast everyday is annoying not beneficial.  I don't want to  include scheduling you in my plans.  What I  see a  lot for whole home rentals is hosts providing a     goody basket  less work for you and less invasive  of the guest's time.

I notice your first two reviews short term which is usual.  I  note their reviews  highlight you which is good but if  you read average reviews they mention clean  or dirty comfortable or  uncomfortable beds spacious or crowded

As a Guest I am not spending that rate to spend a week with you. 

Hi @Marie8425 , Thank you for taking the time to respond! If I mark I have essentials, the picture says we have toothpaste and toothbrushes, but we are planning to do goody bags and changing the laundry room space and adding some soap for guests, then I suppose we could mark that we have essentials. Is adding essentials as an amenity a way to remove the "no essentials" thing?


Essentials are toilet paper, towel and linens.  Things like soap or shampoo are separate amenities which are a plus.    Guests require toilet paper and so a Guest looking at No Essentials might just assume they have to bring.  Yes under your amenities page there is a yes or no for Essentials

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Hi, Theresa. It seems to me, you are priced too high. The decor seems outdated and definitely bedding should always be white. I would not describe your place as modern. Your finishes and furniture are a bit more traditional/transitional. I searched around your area and I find similarly priced rentals and cheaper ones that are more attractive. I think a reassessment of the design is necessary and professional photography is required to get more bookings.

Hi! Thank you. We are working on redecorating and have just listed it and plan to improve the space as we go if it seems profitable. We, however, are unsure of which direction to take with decorating. We would like to make the place slightly more modern and homey. If anyone has suggestions on decor and layouts that would be better, that would be highly appreciated. Also, the middle bedroom with the interesting purple bedding is a trundle bed, but we are also trying to fit a desk in that room, so I'm unsure of how to arrange that room. We have ordered white bedding and are excited because we agree it will look much better in the space. Also does anyone have suggestions on how to remove a faint smoke smell. The last tenants were smokers and took very bad care of the space. We are currently using plug ins but they don't seem to fully eliminate the smell.

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Also, in addition to everyone else comments I would re take the pics of the kitchen and dining area, but do not have plates place settings on the countertops.  If you want to show you have cups,plates, etc just take a pic of them inside of the cabinet.  That's not really necessary though because it's pretty much assumed that when you write an entire space those things will be provided. Also you should include a picture of where parking is, there's pictures outside of the unit but unclear where I would park or unclear of if my vehicle would fit there etc.  

@Autumn11 Okay great, will do, thank you!

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Welcome to the Community Center @Theresa746! I'm glad to see you got so much feedback from fellow Hosts. Were you able to implement any of the tips? 👀



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