Toilet paper roll

Toilet paper roll

Should the toilet paper be changed to a full roll for a new guest or use the half used toilet paper roll? What is the etiquette on this? On one hand I don't want to offend the guest, but on the other I don't want to be wasteful. Or should I just get a bidet and give them something to write home about.

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@Philip3527 All I can do is say what we do. We would leave a half roll and also enough full rolls for a short stay (up to 10-14 nights). If its less than half a roll (ie almost run out) then we would remove it and start with a fresh roll.

I have been changing the roll every time, but I think I'm going to try keeping a roll that has more than half left. This makes sense as it won't look that bad when the guest sees it and it allows me to be more economical. 

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My listing has 3 toilets.

I leave one full roll of TP in each bathroom. These days the rolls are actually triple-size/3-rolls in one!

After the guests ck-out, the remainder of the rolls come home with me. 

(If I could afford the cost & the space I would love to install bidets).

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For us, the length of stay and number of guests is a factor in determining if an existing roll of toilet should be replaced with a new roll.  For example, if there are two guests that are staying for at least 5 nights, we leave the remaining roll and another jumbo roll or two full jumbo rolls of TP, plus an another roll for each additional 4 nights they stay.  Stays that are shorter and/or have just one guest may get one full jumbo roll or a roll that's more than half full.  We have to be a little stingy because unfortunately the cost of good quality toilet paper on the island is expensive and not easy to get, and we've found that guests will take unused rolls.

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@Philip3527  We put a new in the wrapper roll on the spindle for each new guest.  Any almost new rolls are in the sink cabinet in a basket along with one wrapped roll.  Some guests will "help" use up these rolls.  If the roll is less than half, the cleaner or I take them home for our use.  



Good question! We always install a fresh, sealed roll as part of cleaning. It shows the guests that we are paying attention to their health and safety. Any unsealed, or partially used rolls come home with us. We leave 3 more on a spindle and a 4 pack in the cupboard. 

Anything other than toilet paper being flushed will clog the plumbing, so being generous with extra toilet paper is cheaper than a plumber. 

A bidet is a lovely idea, if your bathroom is large enough for the 2nd fixture. We have a Toto bidet toilet seat for ourselves; it is wonderful. For guest bathroom, cleaning  and sanitizing would require a lot of extra time scrubbing the details with a toothbrush. We clean to hospital standards, so smooth porcelain fixtures for the guests is our go-to. 

I want guests to know too, that we take health and cleanliness seriously, however, we fold the last sheet in a neat V shape to let them know we have inspected & cleaned the area.  I always leave 3-4 rolls in each bath.  We are on an island so people don't generally take the rolls with them; ))   No complaints ...and it's prudent.  Sometimes I take home too. 

I’m researching the air and B&B side of rentals. We are currently renting one of our properties full-time since 2018 and I thinking of getting into the Airbnb business with another property. I’m learning as a whole host of new questions and concerns that I must think of which short stay rentals, Such as this question. 

For me, I will consider buying one of those locking dispensers that hold multiple rolls of toilet paper. When one runs out another one drops down. Less waste and more economical also keeps the guest honest. But the look might be somewhat commercial looking. Here’s  just an example of one, but there are many others.

This is a pretty cool idea. But definitely a bit commercial as you pointed out, you start to lose that homely feeling that many guest chooses Airbnb for.

@Philip3527. Like @Mike-And-Jane0 we utilise a good half left roll. What our cleaners also do is tear a few sheets off it first from last stay then fold back the end sheet corners into a triangle to signal the roll has been checked.

Hey silly question, that folding of the corner is a universal sign? Meaning everyone would understand it regardless of the country they are from?


@Eric-Chee-Yew0 It may or may not be a universal sign but it does show that the toilet roll has been considered by the cleaners.

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Hi @Philip3527 


I personally always change to a full roll for a new guest with 3 full extra rolls to use during longer stays.  Anything less than a full roll comes home to my house to be utilized there so nothing is wasted. 

We always provide new rolls to guests. Anything that is left after previous ones, we take for us. In that way, both guests are respected and we are economic.