Washing machine usage.

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Corfu, Greece

Washing machine usage.

Hi, I have a washing machine in my mini villa - most guests don't use it and others sometimes at the end of their holidays. Obviously it is there to use but one guest who is staying for ten nights (they have another 6 nights to go) has been using it up to four times a day with just a few items each time. There is actually a water shortage on the Island during summer but also the machine isn't plumbed in - the water runs away into the earth - not ideal but this is the way in some parts of Greece and this is how the house was when we bought it. If there is too much water in the earth and no time to dry, then the water runs under the house and can cause damp. Is it ok to mention this to the lady without offending her and letting her know that if she continues using the machine so often it could cause problems with the house. If she carries on using it this way it could be up to 24 more times in six days. I am worried about this, not to mention the unnecessary water use (and electricity). Some advice would be helpful. Thanks 

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I would definitely bring it up. Say something like this:


"Sorry that I didn't mention this earlier, but Greece is facing a bit of a water shortage right now. To help out, we kindly ask if you could please wash a full load only once every three days. We really appreciate your help with this!"


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First will her misuse for 6 days cause significant harm?


Then approach it has that issue.  You are advising her to protect her,  because accidental damage is damage that still has to be repaired.


This was my case.  Now when I  mention laundry machines.  I just add average use is acceptable.  Which if I     get another weirdo laundry for me king haha.  Nope 4 loads a day is not average.  If I am asked what I consider average, I max on 2 people to a room.  I say I think 2 clothes washes a week and 1 linen per week.  By not setting an official limit though Guests feel more  comfortable hey I need to do   an extra load because of whatever and it is usually not a problem.  Saying average though I haven't had an abuser  again because its a heads up I will address.

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Corfu, Greece

The damage seems to be done - today she used the washing machine TWICE for TWO ITEMS of clothing in each load!!! We now have a serious problem with the water not draining and cannot see if there is any  entering the property! We have showed the husband the deep pool of  water with bubbles, unbeknown to us at that time she had the second load on! This was all before 11am, how many more times she was going to use it today is anyone's guess!!! We have told them it will need four or five days to drain and dry and if she wishes to have anymore washing done then to ask me and I will do it in my own home. I have found her behaviour to be both disrespectful and an abuse of the property!


I am sorry,  I would suggest if there is a serious question about possible damage.  That you have a professional building inspector review before she vacates.  So she can't deny later that damage was done when she no longer had control.  This is also useful if she complains to Airbnb about not being able to use washing machine halfway during stay.   Ask the inspector to note if no damage protection from possible damage he suggests not using the washer for a week or 10 days just so she is gone.  I know upsetting, but if you are just mad as opposed to just facts,  you have a leg to stand on.

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Why didn't you speak to her about this yesterday? Please speak to them now and follow up in writing on Airbnb @Yvonne774 

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Hello @Yvonne774 ,


It is time to think of out-of-the-box ideas. I can offer one, but there are plenty of other options to consider that will limit usage. For example, you could limit the time the machine can work during the day to between 18:00 and 20:00 by using a smart socket with a WiFi timer, allowing you to control it remotely.


And in the house manual, make it clear that using the machine is free but should only be done between those specific hours.

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The dry season was pretty severe in the Caribbean and as a result there are water supply limitations.  This is what we have added to our listing description:


***On May 14, 2024, a water emergency was declared on the island due to the severe dry season. As a result, there will be periods when our water will be supplied by our onsite storage tanks. We will share water conservation tips with guests and the washers will be unavailable. For stays longer than six nights, we may offer to wash a load of the guest's laundry when we refresh the towels midway through their stay.***

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@Yvonne774 , I think @Juan63  has given you a very good tip on how to approach this. You should have followed it at once!

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For short term renters I don't say anything about over usage. It isn't too often. Just like you say. I also live near a beach and they often put towels in there full of fine sand that can't be good for it. 

I have put labels on the machines. 

"Don't overload. Half full max" 

As overloading them can shorten the life of them. Some will cram bed spread, towels, sheets, into one load. 

"Open Here" on the side of the door to pull on or they will pull on the wrong side, and pull the door off the hinges. 

"Clean lint screen after every use" 

So you could put a note on the doors with a message. Its worked for me, no one complains, and 99% follow the instructions. 

I would add more about the sand, but at this rate, think they should last a normal life span of about 10 years. 

Other host will say this is excessive and off putting, but the cost of replacing one door would be over half the cost of a new machine, so it's the only way I can provide them, and if guest break them I would need to refund the next guest, it can take 2 weeks to replace, etc. 

The drain should be connected to the sewer line, so I wouldn't try and make a claim or issue if it drains back under the house. 

If it becomes too much trouble consider taking them out, although I would try the notes on the door first. "Please try to limit use to one load per day. Thank you" Put that in you listing as well. 

I can hear the pipes banging. It is annoying when guest like you mention run them non stop. That's one of the reasons I went from 4 guest to 2 guest. Some, I guess, would load up their mini van with all their blankets from home, as they would run them non stop, and some just obsessed about doing laundry all the time, because they think it's free. Not very considerate.