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    Hello! Airbnb has lately introduced the possibility to specify the type of beds for each room: - King - Queen - Double - Single ... etc... Especially for the first three types of beds, some guests might be extremely picky in terms of definition ("Oh!!... Latest reply by Vipinan0
    I have a basement space that is pretty rough and ready (still concrete floor, no heating, small stairway to get to it etc) on a four bedroom airbnb near the beach in the UK. At the moment I just lock the door to enter this room as it's full of building eq... Latest reply by Sophia
    1. Cleanliness Is Key Prioritize Cleanliness: A spotless space is the most welcoming sight for guests. Ensure thorough cleaning of all areas, including hard-to-reach spots and commonly overlooked items like remote controls and light switches. 2. Comfortab... Latest reply by Dawn241