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Hello everyone, This section works as a “bulletin board” to keep everyone here updated about news, announcements, product updates, and other important information related to Airbnb. This board is closed for new topics, however, we would love to hear your ... read more
Hello again, Hosts! Your ideas and questions about the Host Guarantee have sparked some important conversation at Airbnb headquarters. As with our recent Q&A posts on Smart Pricing, Search, and Instant Book, we collected lots of questions from you here in... read more
Hi everyone, Welcome to the Airbnb Community Center. This thread is for introducing yourself to your fellow Airbnb forum members, as well as welcoming and saying hi to newcomers in return, in order to make everyone feel like they belong. I'm Marjo, and I ... read more
In Host Voice you can share ideas with the community and Airbnb. At the moment, Airbnb is particularly interested in Ideas for improving the mobile app to make hosting easier. However, you can submit an Idea on any topic. How does it work? Ideas posted ar... read more
Hello Everyone, A few weeks ago Airbnb made changes to what guests see when they book and what happens when they cancel a booking, those changes were discussed here on the CC. You can read more about the changes in this Help Center article. We also want t... read more
Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that the first global host Q&A with our CEO and Head of Community Brian Chesky is next week. In the Q&A, Brian will answer your top-voted questions. To submit your questions about the Airbnb platform, hosting, or a... read more
Hello everyone, We have heard from conversations in the CC that you would like to know more about guests that book your listing via Instant Book. I therefore wanted to let you know about a new feature which allows you to see how other hosts have rated the... read more
Hello everyone, On November 29th, we held our first global host Q&A and hosts from around the world submitted a total of 11,579 questions and 77,876 votes. While we didn’t have time to answer all of the questions in this first Q&A (it would have taken 191... read more
Hello everyone, 2017 is already a distant memory to many of us, but I still thought it would be interesting to share with you the Community Highlights for December, because in my opinion it was a pretty good month here in the Community Center. :) Here are... read more
Hello everyone, Smart Pricing is a commonly discussed topic in the Community Center and we have heard from many of you that you would like to know more about how it works. So, similarly with our previous topics on Instant Book and How Search Works, the Sm... read more
Hello everyone, We have been working on some updates to the Community Center so I am pleased to inform that it is now completed. Although the majority of this update is to the inner workings of the CC and therefore is not visible to us, you will still not... read more
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