1M Superhosts earned over $23B in 2022—you can join them!

1M Superhosts earned over $23B in 2022—you can join them!

1M Superhosts1M Superhosts


Exciting news! From October 2021 to September 2022 Superhosts have collectively earned over $23 billion in income from hosting on Airbnb, with the typical Superhost earning 64% more than a regular Host. Learn more about how the program is growing and why you should consider becoming a Superhost today.


What does being a Superhost mean to you?



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Level 10
Huskisson, Australia

As @Mike-And-Jane0 have stated a Super Host has to have more night stays. 10 complete stays in a year or 100 nights in 3 stays. So yes the statement could be correct that they have made more money than a regular hosts


But regular hosts could still make more money as also stated by @Mike-And-Jane0 because they have received a couple of a low scoring reviews through complaints of the host, accommodation quality not what the guest expected, value, communication, location, property not as described, or maybe something not functioning because of electricity blackout because of weather conditions or too much snow, rain and landslides. With this you have had to make cancellations more than your allocated 3 without being effecting your hosts status.


As @Vasilis59 has pointed out if you are a host you have to aim high, be open minded  and be on your best behaviour to not not rock the boat for the guest. We are in the hands of the guest and how they are feeling within such as, mentally and physically while they are staying in your accommodation.


Today, there is a change in this world and in different countries which could possibly  effect all hosts on Airbnb.


Currently and we have experienced floods, excessive rains or bushfires that are happening in my country Australia. War in Ukraine which effects all countries in Europe. Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Cyclones, floods and large Earthquake rumblings in our neighbouring country New Zealand, where our daughter lives who at this stage is unaffected. But our brother who has been affected in Gisborne and their families. The Pacific Islands who are all our neighbours are effected with rising oceans.


These incidents should be taken into consideration as these events will and do affect Super Host status.

Level 2
Heraklion, Greece

A SUPER HOST must be responsible, dignified, kind, communicative, sociable, helpful and to inspire confidence in the visitors who will appreciate your accommodation. A SUPER HOST does not differentiate between any guest, he does not differentiate between people's colors, nationalities or religions, they should be respected all of them...people and also animals. SUPER HOST IS THE EXAMPLE....

Level 10
Victoria, Australia

Vasilis59 in a perfect world that is fundamentally what we all strive for but super host status requires us to add a few things . Scutiny of ID , pre communication , safety techniques for guest host and house , money management ,business management ,cleaning skills ,home decorating skills ,photography skills ,. a lot of things our guests never see or care about. Do we discriminate , well yes. We check reviews , we expect guests to follow house rules , we do not host certain age groups etcetera etcetera. This particular possibly 'positive discrimination is driven to a certain extent by the grasping for superhost... H

Level 10
England, United Kingdom

@Airbnb Bit weird this one. It is obvious that Superhosts will earn more than 'regular ' hosts as there is a requirement for them to have more stays. Also a lot of hosts cannot 'consider becoming a Superhost' because they have had 1 or 2 bad reviews.


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