Introducing our 2023 Host Advisory Board members

Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Introducing our 2023 Host Advisory Board members



It’s been an exceptionally busy year for us at Airbnb! In 2022, the Host Advisory Board contributed to important decisions at Airbnb, providing feedback on topics such as Diversity & Inclusion and Product/Policy Development for Hosts, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their work.


Here in  the  Community Center,  we’ve shared so much with Festivals, guides on accessibility inclusivity, and celebrated the incredible diversity we have in our Hosting community. To our amazing HAB Alum: @Anna1403 , @Merrydith0, @Nutth0, @Omar202, @Pam3 , @Peter1, @Shinya0, @Susan208, @Till-and-Jutta0, @Vinícius0, and @Michael-O-Reilly0 - thank you!


As we move into 2023, the Host Advisory Board mission remains as important as ever. We are thrilled to announce the new and returning members who will continue to influence key Host policies, programs, and products that we launch. We are also grateful that our HAB Alum will continue to share their experiences and knowledge here in the Community Center, in their Host Clubs, and directly with Airbnb when invited to our workshops.


This year, we will continue to look to these  2022 HAB members for their insights: @Claudia331, @Daniel1651, @Delphine348, @Felicity11 , @Jennifer3225, @Kirk124, @Ted--Pauline-And-Keo0 , @Ronaldo-And-Carla0, @Francisco-and-Yajaira-Ho0, @deidre and Nadia. And, we will welcome the following new HAB members:


Dandara3, Dolly, David-And-Rachel0, José, Jue0, Katie, Keshav7, Mauricio467, @Rie9 , Andy-and-Sarah0, Tatiya Uttarathiyang, and Marielle135.


HAB members represent a wide diversity of backgrounds and are selected due to their tremendous contributions to our Host Community, their commitment to diversity & inclusion, and their status as a Community Leader and Hosting excellence. 


We’re looking forward to seeing what we will accomplish together this year. You’ll probably have noticed some of the members posting around the CC already and contributing to our Hosting discussions..


 To get to know our 2023 HAB members better, please visit the HAB landing page for more information.


Thank you,



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Host Advisory Board Member
Atlanta, GA

Hello, everyone!


My name is Kirk Brown, a superhost out of Atlanta, Georgia. I'm excited to be returning to the Host Advisory Board for a second tour of duty as part of the HAB 2023 class.


I've been a fan of Airbnb for years and became a host in 2021 with my friend to earn additional income for our families. I was also passionate about showing out-of-towners the best our city has to offer when they travel here, so that was also a motivating factor.


I was excited to join the HAB last year and see all we were able to accomplish together.


Day-to-day, I'm nonprofit fundraiser and communications leader, and by night, I dabble in social media digital marketing (aka content creator). Ha.


Excited to be connected with all of you!


Sitting in my newest listing in Atlanta.Sitting in my newest listing in Atlanta.


Airbnb HQ in San Fran.Airbnb HQ in San Fran.


2022 Host Advisory Board Members at HQ in October.2022 Host Advisory Board Members at HQ in October.

Host Advisory Board Member
Yomitan, Nakagami District, Japan


I am a new member of this Host Advisory Board.
My name is Rie, joining from Japan.


I also share with my journey as well as other new members


2015  My friend who started an Airbnb says, "Hey, can you help me clean my house?" 

2015  into Airbnb


2016  Started home hosting


2017 Become a super host. I've been a superhost ever since.


2019 Started community leader for Okinawa JAPAN


2022 My home village YOMITAN, and Airbnb Japan have officially formed a partnership.


2023  Joined HAB !






I am interested in local economics, the natural environment, and agriculture 🍌🌺

HAB will be a challenging journey for me as I am not good at English

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to it!



From From the southernmost island of Japan 


Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Welcome @Rie9! It's absolutely lovely having you with us here 😊 Thank you so much for sharing your journey! 

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Host Advisory Board Member
Keaau, HI

Thank you for this wonderful recap of what HAB 2022 has accomplished and how much we're looking forward to welcoming the new HAB 2023 members.. it has been an honor to serve with these amazing humans who have so graciously represented the hosting community of Airbnb. And I'm excited to see how the next group of Hosts will contribute to the unique Airbnb community and travel industry.

Pauline Aughe
Big Island of Hawai'i, USA
Host Advisory Board
Host Advisory Board Member
Adelaide, Australia

Hello everyone,


Thank you for giving me this great opportunity and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had since Airbnb has offered a platform to everyone to this international community. The community that I’ve always learn and give, the community I’ve called a family, specifically for @Merrydith0 mentorship, once again thank you so much 😊.


Please let me share my journey with you.


In 2016 Started home hosting.

In 2021 Became a community leader for Adelaide, SA, Australia 🇦🇺.

In 2022 Joined Superhost programs.

In 2023 joined HAB.


The photo is my ANZ community including ANZ community leaders and Superhosts and Airbnb team in Sydney in 2022.


I am looking forward to seeing you all soon and excited for this new chapter in my journey.


Cheers 🥂


Sharing is caring 💕

Host Advisory Board Alumni
Stuttgart, Germany

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the support from the community and the valuable feedback from the host clubs and forums during discussions and meetings. I would also like to thank my colleagues on the HAB for their constructive cooperation in the numerous meetings and committees. And last but not least, to the Airbnb leadership for the opportunity to help shape the future, be it improving the existing system, new features and rules, and current challenges such as housing refugees, the energy crisis, and the ongoing issues of integration and sustainability and shaping financial support.


All of this is only possible because the HAB’s collaboration with the management and the various specialist departments takes place at a completely confidential level. This enables us to openly discuss planned changes at an early stage, and so we can constructively incorporate feedback from the community at the development stage. We also talk about things that will only be introduced at a much later date - or perhaps will not be pursued at all and end up in the "graveyard of ideas not developed further".


Thank you to the 12 colleagues who are making room with me for the new HAB members. In the coming days and weeks, we and the remaining members will devote ourselves in detail to familiarizing ourselves with the new members and handing them over to them, so that the HAB can continue to work quickly. So far, it has been planned that half of the Advisory Board will be "refreshed" every year. So I am looking forward to the new members, all of whom have already done valuable work in their local communities!

[Unless stated otherwise, my comments are based on my personal Airbnb hosting and travelling experiences.]
Host Advisory Board Member
New Delhi, India


Hello Quincy! 

What an absolute delight to be part of HAB 2023!! The excitement is sky rocketing and here’s a picture of my cohosts who are all so happy and excited about the new HAB!! (I’m the one with arms open) 

Here’s a little insight to my journey : 

2019 - Began with street art experience 

2020 - Started Online experiences 

2021 - Became Community Leader for Global Online experiences

2022 - Started home hosting 

2023 - Became part of HAB! 

Could I be more grateful! Can not wait to see the rest of the year! 



Passionate about life!
Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

What a journey @Keshav7! Happy to have you with us! 🎉🤩

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