Control what Co-Hosts can access and share payouts

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Control what Co-Hosts can access and share payouts

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Having a Coโ€‘Host can make hosting less demanding and more rewarding. They could be a neighbor, family member, friend, or someone you hire. Co-Hosts can help you manage your calendar, update your listing, and respond to guests.


You told us you wanted to be able to determine what Coโ€‘Hosts can access on your listing and share payouts on your bookings, directly on Airbnb. Weโ€™re updating our  coโ€‘hosting tools to make hosting easier.


These co-hosting tools are part of the Airbnb 2023 Summer Release, featuring 25 upgrades for Hosts. Go to the Resource Center to get more info, or opt in to Early Access to start using these new tools today. 


Are you a Co-Host or do you work with a Co-Host to help with your listings? Will you use these tools? 

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London, United Kingdom

Thank you @Stephanie ! ๐Ÿ™‚


I see this is in 'beta'...I was stoked to see permissions for co-hosts. I very much want a co-host, but not to give them full control over my business/property. 


It seems the new permissions don't quite hit the spot for me. Like most hosts, I would love to take a couple of weeks' vacation every year, when someone else will help my guests with their everyday queries and pre-trip questions. 


Can we have an "inbox only" option please? Or an "inbox and *view* calendar"? 


I'm in the UK, most of my guests are in the US and other very different time zones. I'd love to have a US-based co-host better serve my future guests by responding to their messages immediately, for instance. 


On the other hand, I *don't* want co-hosts to be able to change nightly prices, block/unblock dates, or other calendar functionality. I would love to have their help providing an optimum communication service to guests, and freeing me up from unexpected work on holidays, weekends, dates, at the movies, my birthday, etc... 


Surely I can't be the only one...? ๐Ÿ™‚


I'm struggling to imagine a situation where a host would want someone else to have permission to edit the calendar, but not be able to speak to guests, rather than the reverse...? I've been giving feedback asking for co-hosting permissions since it became possible to add co-hosts. 


Thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Hi @Amanda468 ! If you are still looking for a cohost in the US please let me know. I have been a vacation rental Property Manager and a Guest Services specialist with 100% 5 starts for communication, response time, and check in. Over 50% of guests or do a review have either thanked me personally for assistance, friendliness and always taking care of those little problems that inevitably pop up. The company I currently work for have been super hosts from day 1 3 years ago and I am proud to be a contributor to that. I work 12 hrs a day, 6 days a week. Iโ€™m not actually โ€œon callโ€ but if/when I see a message from a guest pop up at 2am because the smoke detector doesnโ€™t stop beeper or a guests door isnโ€™t working I never hesitate to assist. I love what I do! I donโ€™t touch pricing unless asked to. I take care of inquiries and any questions quests may have before, during and after check out. 


**[Phone number hidden due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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Bondi Beach, Australia

Iโ€™m a co-host and need access to the *Insights* tab.


I need to see what effect my promotions are having on views and I need to have access to the earnings graph. 

basic business analysis tools. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ


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