Improving price transparency for guests

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Improving price transparency for guests




Today, CEO Brian Chesky announced that we’re updating how prices are displayed to guests in Airbnb search results. Our goal is to maximize price transparency in places like the U.S., where showing nightly prices (before fees) is currently the travel industry standard.


Guests who currently find nightly prices in search results will be able to switch to showing the total prices. The total price includes the price per night, Airbnb service fee, and any Host fees for cleaning, pets, or extra guests. 


We’re making this change, along with a few others, to help you stay competitive and meet guest expectations. Get the details on the Resource Center. 


Displaying total price and simplifying checkout


What’s your strategy: Build your cleaning costs into your nightly price, or charge a separate cleaning fee?

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So true! Since taxes tend to be standard within the same area, the thinking is probably that taxes (typically a %) will be the same across listings, so this helps guests compare listings. But you're right that if you truly have a budget of $200/night, $220 after taxes doesn't really help in your search, especially if you're traveling and aren't familiar with VAT, TOT, or whatever local taxes might apply.


Good point, but the option to include everything helps and it's a start...

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