Inside look: Superhost appreciation party

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Inside look: Superhost appreciation party

Superhost 1.jpg

Caption: Airbnb co-founders Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk attended the party to congratulate the 12 Superhosts and their guests in person.


Achieving Superhost status is an incredible achievement, one that represents standout hospitality, responsiveness, and attention to detail. Meeting that high bar is a huge win. Continuing to meet that high bar is even more impressive.


In fact, fewer than 4,000 people have maintained consecutive Superhost status since the program was introduced five years ago. That’s some 60 months of zero cancellations and five-star reviews. At Airbnb, we decided that merited a party.

In March, we invited 12 of the most tenured Superhosts to Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco, California, to celebrate their hosting success. A sign greeted them at the event: “You’ve hosted the world. Now it’s time for us to host you.” That says it all!


Take a look at some photos of the party, below, and stay tuned—this event was so much fun, we plan to host more Superhost celebrations in the future. In the meantime, thank you to all of you who are Superhosts.


Superhost 2.jpgCaption: Airbnb employee Johanna Desbordes welcomes Superhosts and their guests to Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco.


Johanna gave out Superhost pins and nametags and led the group on a tour of Airbnb headquarters, which includes meeting and conference rooms modeled after actual listings. Johanna was the perfect person to act as tour guide: She and her husband, Gian, are Superhosts themselves, and they first met when Joh was a guest at Gian’s home in Italy 7 years ago.


Superhost 3.jpg

Caption: Superhost Kitty stands outside her home away from home.

Does this look familiar?
Superhost Kitty and her husband joined hands above a replica of their Airbnb listing, a “mushroom dome” cabin in California, on the fourth floor of Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters.


Superhost 4.png

Caption: Co-founder & CPO Joe Gebbia; Co-founder, CEO, and Head of Community Brian Chesky; Superhost Mary Sledd; and Co-founder, CSO, and Chairman of Airbnb China Nathan Blecharczyk.


All three of Airbnb’s co-founders joined the event to congratulate and thank the Superhosts.


Superhost 5.jpg

Caption: A Superhost with her customized guest book.


The Superhosts received personalized guest books as a gift and thank you.


Superhost 6.jpg

Caption: Superhost Janna (left), receives her customized guest book from Airbnb’s Laura Chambers, who leads the team that looks after homes hosts and Superhosts.


Superhost 7.jpg

Caption: Superhost Ash shows his personalized guest book to Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia and other guests.


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Level 2
Pico Rivera, CA

That is awesome that you celebrated their achievement, no easy task.

Really nice! What a great way to thank these amazing hosts. Love that you gave each host a customized guest book. It gave me the idea to make something similar for my listing and leave on the coffee table. 

I have kept all the comment cards that my guests have left for us.  I put them all in a book and leave it on the fireplace.  When they return they enjoy knowing their comments were appreciated and not tossed away.  Jean and Dean 

I Jean and Dean,

I have a compenduim in my little room, Just a simple display folder with information about our Home and Tourist information. Now the pages are decorated with Thank you notes and Cards and several guests have taken the time to leave gifts for me. 

Level 3
Auckland, New Zealand

were any superhosts form other countries invited?


I had the same question in my head.

Perhaps they will do that in future Edreen.

It says there were hosts from Italy. I love this story, actually: "She and her husband, Gian, are Superhosts themselves, and they first met when Joh was a guest at Gian’s home in Italy 7 years ago."

Hell, they did not even invite Superhosts from near to SF who fit this demographioc of continuous tenure since the program began.  I wonder what the selection crieria were for hese 12, out of the nearly 100 metioned....

😞 I'm curious too. Still is a great idea.


Level 2
Auckland, NZ

*Lovely idea  ♡* little things like this goes to make it all worth while, Thank you : ))

Level 2
Taylorville, New Zealand

Can we purchase these books?


Level 3
Palmerston North, New Zealand

Great that these Superhosts received recognition. It is a very rewarding role despite all the hard work.

Angela From Somerset UK


Can we do this in the UK and a personised guests book would be great. Gather us together please.