May Release: Q&A with Catherine Powell

Global Head of Hosting
Global Head of Hosting
Malibu, CA

May Release: Q&A with Catherine Powell



Hi everyone,


I am so excited to connect with all of you today.

I have recently started Hosting and I absolutely love it. Meeting with guests and sharing my home has been an incredible experience and also given me a deep appreciation of all that being a great Host involves. Coming to the Community Centre and reading all the comments and suggestions from you, I can see clearly what a powerful resource this forum is for Hosts across the world. 


Last week, Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky, announced the 2023 Airbnb May release with many exciting updates to our platform, including features for Hosts designed to enhance your overall experience on and off the app.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the feedback across our forums and channels including here in the Community Centre. Your feedback guides how we prioritize the updates we make across our service, our policies, and our product.  


And the feedback doesn’t stop at the release. I’m inviting all of you to our very first Community Centre Q&A session. This is a moment for us to have an open conversation to answer questions you have about our May release. 


Our wonderful team of Community Managers will help coordinate the Q&A and ensure we have an environment where everyone is respected and feels comfortable to ask questions and share their thoughts. One request of you for this Q&A, is to keep your questions related to the 2023 May Release. I know you will not be short of questions and I promise we will have more opportunities to discuss other hosting matters in the future.


Please submit your questions before the end of this week – Friday the 12th of May. The Community Managers will gather the most relevant and popular questions and I’ll make sure to write back to your top questions here in the Community Center by the end of this month. 


Thank you all and have a wonderful day!



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  • Kindly keep your questions focused on the 2023 product release and provide relevant feedback on the topic.
  • You may  use the comment section to ask questions related to the release and the like button to upvote a question that you would like to see addressed.
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  • All questions  will be reviewed. We’ll prioritize the most relevant and popular questions – those concerning our global  Host Community and directly linked to the May release.
  • Kindly focus your questions on the features and enhancements included as part of the May updates rather than what’s not included. 
  • We reserve the right to remove replies that do not follow the above guidelines
  • We will do our best to ensure that critical concerns about Airbnb’s 2023 Summer Release are addressed.


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Host Advisory Board Member
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

When I say "include passport for all listings", I mean the ability to see them at first glance like now with private room listings, where the host's (passport) photo is placed next to the first listing photo 🙂

Level 5
Costa Adeje, Spain

Hi @Catherine-Powell ,  I love the new updates, some more than others but each one has contributed with a grain of sand in improving our experience as hosts ! . By the way, Congratulations fellow Host, welcome to the team and Happy Hosting  😂😀🙌🏽 !



For my part, I would ask you the  following question: Why have you removed the option to edit Custom Promotions from the Calendar? (the ones that Airbnb lets us create occasionally). 

Previously we could from there edit the discount percentage, for example go from 10 to 20%, or any we wanted, on the same dates already selected for the promotion we had created, after the new update we now lose more time since If we want to vary this discount, we must remove the promotion and create a new one. Being able to edit the discount percentage was easier, faster and more efficient.


Thank you ! 

And Best Regards from Canary Islands, Spain  ! 😎☀️🌊


Christian R. 


Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Christian2086 ,


Thank you so much for the lovely feedback and asking your question!


I assume this question would be important for many Hosts.

Further, I would like to invite other Hosts going through this thread to keep upvoting the questions they would like to see addressed by hitting the like button or responding to a comment.




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Host Advisory Board Member
Achères-la-Forêt, France

Hello @Catherine-Powell  and thank you for all these new upgrades very useful for us hosts !
Airbnb Rooms
I love that Airbnb has reimagined what private rooms look like on Airbnb's platform. Along with the new Passport that introduces the Host, it will be easier for guests and hosts to find the perfect match.

In that spirit, Private rooms Hosts have recently received an email to update their listing information and define the spaces they rent in their home.

One of the new criteria is that one common space must be shared with the guest. The exemples given are the kitchen or the living room.
Do you think a space composed of
  • a private bedroom with equipment such as kettle, teacups, bottle of water and glasses,
  • A private bathroom,
  • a shared terrace or garden
Would qualified as Private room without sharing the kitchen or the living room?
Thank you for you answer!

(Sauf indication contraire, mes contributions sont issues de mon expérience en tant qu'hôte)



I signed up for the early access but because I have pro tools on, I see absolutely nothing new. I would turn it off in order to check it out, but it will delete hours worth of work setting up rates and discounts for the rest of the year.

I had to go to pro tools because we didn't have the option of setting all those up in the regular calendar.

Can you fix this please?



Level 10
Huskisson, Australia

@Catherine-Powell thank you for the opportunity to reply to the new Airbnb tool.

I have concerns with the new pricing tool to "Compare similar listings nearby". 


Yes, a good tool to use for a quick look and see. But what is happenning is that there is a "Little or Big" CUT THROAT market happening in our patch by the beach.

I have to say Airbnb new tool is starting to changed the market not for the good as I see it.


Yes, most people around here do change their prices for winter. But I have to say "How low do you have to go".

One has to consider;

What does it cost to run your Airbnb?

Is it at a lost or profit?

Is it an investment or being self employyed or a hobby?

Is it to change your well being from being Happy and Caring for Others or Worrying about Who is getting more of the Airbnb market than those around me.?

Yes, the other Hosts may have more commitments like morgage payments, greater monetry outlay commitments that I and others don't know about. But that is for them to decide as to how they manage their money.


Yes, I have to say Guests maybe are getting a better deal.

Yes, the times are changing with our counties economy and around the world.


But for me, I consider what I consider what is a fair price, what is the value of my Airbnb to me. By not changing what I consider the market price to low to become more competitive.

I am already hearing that different clientele are booking these places and respecting these propertires and leaving more mess, more people than booked, damage to the properties.


For me I say, What can I do with my spare time if my Airbnb is not booked?

Go on a holiday and shut up shop until the market changes. Do the things I have put off, visiting family and friends, more time for outdoor activities, gardening and making changes that don't effect guests, maintence on the property such as repainting, doing all the crafts I want to do.


But, the bottom line I have my principles that I give what I consider a fair price and I have a life to live that is better for me.


Lastly, what it means with this new tool is the person who is still on top is: Airbnb and its share holders who will gain the proffit and not the Hosts who care and look after their properties themselves other than put it on a plate for others to deal with as an agent.



Former Community Manager
Former Community Manager
Terneuzen, Netherlands

Hi @Laurelle3 ! Thank you so much for sharing your concerns about this, it's always great to hear from you.


The price comparison tool serves as an easier way for Hosts to see how similar listings in their area are priced. Hosts can choose to use this tool to make a decision about their nightly price, but in the end they themselves remain in charge of deciding the nightly price they're comfortable with. 


Do you have a question for Catherine as well or did you only want to share your concern?🙂



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Level 10
England, United Kingdom

@Laurelle3 My experience with the comparison tool was much better. We are not getting as many bookings as last year so I compared our pricing with booked and unbooked properties nearby. What the new tool told me was that our price was appropriate (already lower than most) and that any further reductions would be futile. In an overcrowded market we will just have to wait until people realise STR is saturated at present and either sell up or convert to LTR. 

Level 10
Huskisson, Australia

@Mike-And-Jane0 yes I do like the comparrison tool rather than going through the switch to travel and type in my area.


Yes we had an influx of new start up Airbnb this last year mostly were holiday homes owned by families and put through realestates that put them on Vrbo, bdc, Stayes. With the payout of cleaners and linen, agents commission and low prices, I can see the forecast of people not making a profit that they thought they can make over the next 6 months. 


In Australia we are experiencing not enough properties for rent long term and different states are changing the rules eg, land rates being increased for STR and shortening the number of nights allowed. 90 to 180.


Some local councils are also changing the rules too. If there are complaints about noise or disruptive. The host gets 3 strikes rule and they are not allowed to STR  for 3 years.


I can see that we will be expecting NSW state changes for STR as we don't have enough LTR.


As for Airbnb bookings I am still being booked. So my price must be right and what I have to offer and good reviews. I happy with what I do.

Level 10
Bolton, MA

Totally agree! There has to be a bottom that you are willing to not go below.  Otherwise it's likely costing you money to rent the space. 

Host Advisory Board Member
New Delhi, India

Thanks @Catherine-Powell ! The new summer release is so exciting! I however have just 2 questions to ask.

Q1 - We recently read about "smarter search autocomplete" - Does Airbnb plan to introduce a keyword search using smart search? For example I would like to search listings that have word "beach" in their title or perhaps "Art" in their name? Also this feature would be so useful during experiences hunting too - for example "scavanger" or "trek" would help guest reach to right listing / host faster! 

Q2 - Do you plan to introduce host passports to "entire place" listings too? Presently when we search a city, we see some listings with passport & some without, making the ones with passport more reliable , attractive , human & easy to book! Would be great to have it extended to all listings universally on airbnb! Thankyou 


Passionate about life!
Level 10
Huskisson, Australia

@Keshav7 I agree with your Q2 about passports for hosts with entire listing as I think it would help guests who maybe looking for like minded hosts. Such as sustainable interests and properties. 

I find when introducing yourself and listing is limited. This is where a green symbol would be helpful for advertising.

However, the passport for hosts is a great initiative but it would be greater if Guest had a passport too. As I consider it allows safety for the Host.

Host Advisory Board Member
Manly, Australia

Yes @Laurelle3 it would be great to connect up with like minded hosts - especially the Sustainable ones ! 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Hi @Keshav7 


Thanks for sharing your thoughts


I think these are interesting questions, and I'd invite anyone else who is interested in knowing more to give your post a thumbs up!





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Level 10
Marbella, Spain

Thank you @Catherine-Powell for this opportunity to share our feedback in the Community Center. I truly agree with you that this forum is really helpful, it has been for me a great source of information, ideas, advice and inspiration since my beginnings as a host.


The new release is so exciting. As a Spanish saying goes I feel  “like a child with a new toy”. It’s great to use all the new useful features.


I miss the Price Tips that was shown on the calendar before. Now, it shows a range of price that comes from comparing other listings around. It seems to me that the original price tip had much more information behind it, not only about nearby listings but perhaps more expanded search, demand data, etc.


Have you thought about continuing to offer the price tip along with the compare listings tool? Or does this new tool already contain all the great things of the price tips plus improve the ability to view the listings pricing comparison?


Also, when I try to select several dates to compare prices, it seems like the new tool doesn’t allow to select more than 6 nights.


Thank you,

Elena, host in Marbella, Málaga, Spain.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Hi @Elena487 


We really appreciate your feedback - thanks for your questions as well.





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Host Advisory Board Member
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

"Like a child with a new toy”, I love your expresion @Elena487 !


As you said, the new tool of comparison just allows to do it with a maximum of 6 nights.


For those who used the previous tool called "suggested price", it is so important to have more date for a longer period of time (2 weeks, for instance).


So, maybe @Catherine-Powell could tell us if the new tool will be able to compare prices for more than 6 nights. Thanks!

Host Advisory Board Member
Manly, Australia

I also love your expression @Elena487 like a child with a new toy!  I also love the pricing comparison tool! I think this will be a game changer for many hosts and help hosts to maximise their earnings and occupancy. 


Good point @Daniel1651  about the pricing tool and being able to check comparative prices for longer stays. With one in five stays on the platform being for a week or more and hosts trying to attract these types of guests it would be very helpful of hosts to be able to compare with similar prices and make sure they offer similar discounts - or step up to offer a discount to attract this guest! 

Host Advisory Board Member
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

That's right, @Felicity11 

Specially if we are thinking to offer 2, 3 weeks or also monthly stays!

Level 10
Pensacola, FL

@Catherine-Powell  Thanks for the open invite to us for questions Catherine and also sharing your absolutely amazing listing - WOW what a divine place to live and visit. Breathtaking is the best word I find in describing your place.


I love the new READ message - instead of the mystery of "Has the Guest seen the message?" Now we know. 


OK to my question: 

I also find the Passport for Hosts very clever - since we as host are somewhat transparent --what about Guest Passports? Is there a plan in the works for Guest Passports? 


If there were Guest Passports - Host might cancel much less. Host might also feel some comfort - like they don't have to ask questions into a guest life if there was some info supplied by the guest about themselves in front. It would be great to know if you are hosting an introvert or extrovert. Could help many hosts do a better job.  For those that have contact with guests the passport could be a great Ice Breaker!


Thanks Catherine,

all the best,


Community Manager
Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Hi @Clara116 


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, and for such an interesting question.  It sounds like Guest passports is a popular discussion topic.


We're really pleased that you love the read receipts as well!





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