Your feedback inspired the 2024 Summer Release

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Your feedback inspired the 2024 Summer Release

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The 2024 Summer Release includes upgrades you’ve asked for to help you:


  • Simplify communication with guests.
  • Get a better look at your earnings.
  • Know more about who you’re hosting.
  • Reorder photos in your photo tour. 


Communication: The Messages tab totally redesigns the inbox, putting all your hosting, traveling, and support messages in one place. You’ll be able to filter and search across messages, have a group conversation with every guest who joins a trip, react to messages with emojis, and answer guests’ questions more efficiently with AI-suggested quick replies.


Communication .gif

Earnings: The enhanced earnings dashboard includes interactive charts that show your earnings by month, year, and listing, and offers more details on prior years and future projections. A new reporting hub makes it easy to download monthly and yearly reports, including breakdowns by listing or payout method. 



Guest profiles: Guests who book or join a trip will be prompted to create a more complete profile. Our new profile setup includes guided photo capture for better profile photos. It also prompts guests to add more details about themselves, so you get a better sense of who’s coming to stay.

Guest Profiles.png

Photo tour: The Listings tab now includes the ability to reorder listing photos within rooms. This was the top request from Hosts for the photo tour.

Photo Tour .png

The Messages tab and enhanced earnings dashboard are available when you enroll in Early Access. The photo tour upgrade is out now, and guest profiles are available to all guests. 


Find out how Early Access works and how to share feedback


Which upgrade will be most helpful for your hosting business? 


Learn more about what’s in the 2024 Summer Release:


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Level 2
Eugene, OR

Hello. I am happy to see that I can now easily switch from hosting to traveling in the messages on my phone. It it was a hassle before to switch modes, and I really just tended to stay in hosting mode due to necessity. I know I will be more communicative as a guest now. I also like how the earnings information is much more user-friendly on the website, as I tend to look at my earnings on my computer, not my phone. 


Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Kelley152 , I'm so glad to read that you're finding the new updates useful.


Are you also looking forward to enroll for Early Access to explore the messages tab and enhanced earnings dashboard?


You can find out how Early Access works and how you can share feedback about new product features in the link attached. Keep us posted!



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Level 10
Bergen, Norway

Yet another "update" that doesn't FIX what's been asked to be fixed...

How about we get an update that does this? 


-the custom "one week anytime" in search needs to go. It's been asked for for a year now, but Airbnb doesn't listen

-guests are STILL told that a 4 star overall is "good" feedback. Yet a host is banned for a 4 star and told to be ashamed and to think about ways to improve. This approach/advertising is illegal.

-why ask guests to update their profile when hosts still can't see their profile picture? They see ours. We're on display. They want to stay in our home. We get penalised if we cancel. They can cancel on us with no penalising.

-bring the notification sound back

-stop with all the badges. SuperHost, Guest Favourite, top 10, top 5. Guests don't care. They care about reviews. Informative reviews.

-stop using my service fee to build cartoon places no ordinary person ever get to try. I, for instance, wasn't even allowed to apply. Use my service fee to improve customer service and user interface. That's what I pay you to do.

-and the list goes on...


I stand by those that say this is no update. This is just a, SMALL, fix of issues caused by Airbnb to begin with.

Now, fix the rest.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Mariann4, thank you for your detailed feedback. Like all comments posted on this forum, I will make sure that it reaches the appropriate team so that it can be taken into account in future updates. This will allow us to continue providing the best experience for both Hosts and guests.



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Yes! I agree. It seems that with all the money that goes to AirBnb, they could have a magnificent platform. Instead, many of us would give it a 1 star review for the level of difficulty in finding a place or hosting.

@Mariann4 I agree with you 1000%, the system of countless badges is becoming ridiculous, the rating system, I've been talking about it for at least over 8 years on Airbnb and I'm sure Airbnb will never change, it's not their priority.

1000 percent agree, I'm a 400 five star host, @Mariann4  has the right feedback and ideas!

Level 1
Walla Walla, WA

We have just started hosting again. Oh my, things are much less clear than they were.


We rent rooms. When a renter clicks on AirBnb, it shows tabs for things like National parks, treehouses and camping which there are far fewer of, and requires you to scroll over to find rooms.


When listing the rooms, navigating the AirBnb site requires google searches to find out how to do things like add pet friendly, change pricing, etc. There could be a very simple and clear dashboard.


In addition, it should be made easy to rent / price more than one room in a listing.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Carol9405, welcome back to Airbnb! We're wishing you all the best in this fresh start🌻


Thank you for sharing these suggestions. I'm taking note to pass them on to the team. And I'm also sharing the feedback form here, where you can leave feedback directly.


As you mentioned, as a new Host after some time away, you may find some changes on the platform. So, I wanted to invite you to start a new conversation in our community to ask for help or suggestions from our expert Hosts whenever you have a question. I'm sure our Hosts will be more than happy to help and share their opinions. Have you figured out how to indicate that your listing is pet-friendly? One of our Hosts has left a suggestion here.


Regarding the 2024 summer release, have you had the opportunity to review some of the new updates?


Keep us posted.



Please follow the Community Guidelines

Good luck @Carol9405 , everything is set up to be the most beneficial for the potential guest and the most detrimental for the host.  Turn off instant book and take 3 weeks to go thru each page and each click of your listing.   Wishing you all the best on your launch! 💃🏖🥘👙🦐🍷☀️

I agree to the guidelines.

Level 10
Auckland, New Zealand

Do you have a copy of the Survey, Questions and answers that were asked of us Consumers?

Or was this information Data-mined to create a Report, including from ABB CC?

Using this forum could create false positives and negatives as often the same people repeat the same lines so could mess up matters.

How many and which countries were involved?


Thanks in advance as I'm sure other stakeholders would like to see transparency


Level 10
Marbella, Spain

Thanks for this upgrade, which went smoother for me than your prior ones.

For me the most useful feature is the emphasis on guest profiles

Guests need to know that the community goes both ways.   Guests who are given the keys to someone's property should introduce themselves, respect host rules including check in procedures and window, and reasonable check out procedures.

Guests should not be able to easily create a new profile with another email if they get a bad review or make damage, you have their IDs now you should be able to stop this.

Guest history should be more transparent to hosts, with some statistics such as their cancellation history, the number of times they have been issued a refund, the number of Aircover requests initiated on their profile.

As for "Icons', it doesn't make sense to me; I have a standard apartment rental and never bought in to the "tree house" or "bubble in the garden" type lodging, my guests want a quality apartment in a good location with views and excellent beds.

In my area more and more communities are disgusted with poorly run Airbnbs, and many of your policies make for poor neighbourhood relations.  Giving more transparency to hosts about guest history goes a long way to preserving the neighbour relations.  You should stop pushing for lockbox self-check-in in apartment buildings with close neighbours, stop allowing 24 hour check in in apartment buildings, and allow hosts to refuse any kind of group they might feel will disturb the neighbours without penalty or discrimination threats.  

Request for future development:

@Bhumika @Airbnb @rebecca

One request for future development: Please allow guests to search for BED SIZE not just number of beds.  Having a king size bed 160cm, 180cm, 200cm, is a big issue for some guests and you can't search for it.  Those of us with extra comfortable bedding should be able to highlight it.

Hi @Susan1188 

Airbnb did add the ability to search for "King Bed" as a least on the US platform. I agree that is helpful for guests:









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