Your feedback inspired the 2024 Summer Release

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Your feedback inspired the 2024 Summer Release

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The 2024 Summer Release includes upgrades you’ve asked for to help you:


  • Simplify communication with guests.
  • Get a better look at your earnings.
  • Know more about who you’re hosting.
  • Reorder photos in your photo tour. 


Communication: The Messages tab totally redesigns the inbox, putting all your hosting, traveling, and support messages in one place. You’ll be able to filter and search across messages, have a group conversation with every guest who joins a trip, react to messages with emojis, and answer guests’ questions more efficiently with AI-suggested quick replies.


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Earnings: The enhanced earnings dashboard includes interactive charts that show your earnings by month, year, and listing, and offers more details on prior years and future projections. A new reporting hub makes it easy to download monthly and yearly reports, including breakdowns by listing or payout method. 



Guest profiles: Guests who book or join a trip will be prompted to create a more complete profile. Our new profile setup includes guided photo capture for better profile photos. It also prompts guests to add more details about themselves, so you get a better sense of who’s coming to stay.

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Photo tour: The Listings tab now includes the ability to reorder listing photos within rooms. This was the top request from Hosts for the photo tour.

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The Messages tab and enhanced earnings dashboard are available when you enroll in Early Access. The photo tour upgrade is out now, and guest profiles are available to all guests. 


Find out how Early Access works and how to share feedback


Which upgrade will be most helpful for your hosting business? 


Learn more about what’s in the 2024 Summer Release:


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Thank you for the ability to reorder photos! It always bugged me that on the page I could showcase the best shots and then as soon as they clicked they were looking at a giant bathroom image. 😅 I'm about to go set it up properly on my listing now!:


Screen Shot 2024-05-01 at 15.14.44.png

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Marina481 ! We'd noticed many Hosts in the Community Center had shared this feature request during the last updates and I'm so glad to hear that you're truly excited for trying it out and rearranging the photos🌻. Do keep us posted once you've reordered them! 


Have you explored other articles and updates mentioned above? Excited to hear your thoughts!



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The problem of photographs been out of our chosen order arose for many of us hosts during one of the many IT team Interface changes that appear to have been undertaken without Host involvement,  just like the Payment mess ups, just like the Verification of our Identities that should be looked at in chronological order and context (This too arose because of Interface changes we didn't do - look up Ute's and others stories in CC)  and in accordance with our own Countries Jurisdictions and our fundamental rights.


WE are paying increasing Service Fees for these issues that are out of our hands.


 There was also an  IT Interface mess up with asking us how many Bedrooms there are in bathrooms a couple of years ago.


The likes of @Kia272 is justified in making the comments she has @Airbnb.


It is prudent that ABB look at there own Back yard IT Partners relationships, as we are paying increasing Service Fess for what exactly?


A closer look at contracted IT people (Agents) and the Interfaces they are using that keep crashing at various Roads are simply Copy Paste Templates.

 It would be helpful to have fair and reasonable Options to Opt In/ Opt Out/ Opt to say Later and save.There are currently No Existing Options available to say Not Applicable or similar, to complete for processing notably where Photo ID is asked for.


None of these issues arose when people used Pen and Paper spoke to each other face to face with proper Human interaction.



Some of these Internet Telecommunications contracts seem to involve the same names lurking in the background and the same repeated problems arising worldwide that are impacting on Consumer Rights enshrined under laws.



One only has to look back in history to what happened in the world with Sun Microsystems, I.N.C.I.S NZ Police systems, IRD NZ in the 1980's and recently well documented Horizon's Postal Services fiasco and similar.

Level 10
Takoma Park, MD

@Airbnb  Actually, I think it's your mistakes with the last release that inspired the 2024 Summer Release. Just sayin'. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Suffolk Coastal District, United Kingdom

Hi @Kia272 👋


It's through the constructive feedback from Hosts such as yourself that has inspired the 2024 Summer Release and we hope that you're happy with the newest updates and features.


Are there features in the release that you're happy to see? Or do you have any feedback to share with us about the new release? We'd love to hear from you. 😊



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Your hosts need more clear acknowledgement that the relentless bent toward the customer has led to some strategic mistakes and that it needs to start bending back towards the supplier. 

The roulette on the quality of the highly empowered customer support person that the guest or host gets on the line is poisoning your supplier relationships.  Eventually AirBNB is going to run out of new suppliers and your going to have to make the suppliers you have happier.

The current situation is you have inexperienced contractors with the power to drastically impact your suppliers ability to generate revenue with no check on their power AND a slow response from the safety team to correct any wrong heavy-handed decisions.  AirBNB wouldn't like it if there was some overload shutting off it's customers access on the whim of a complaining and sometimes wrong customer.  Your suppliers feel that way.


I like this section in your comment: ' AND a slow response from the safety team to correct any wrong heavy-handed decisions'.

We now have been suspended since May 7 because of 1 guest's report (it is to be noted that the guest who reported us was not the booker).

Safety team suspended all 5 listings while this couple used only 1 listing.

Way before the new policy, we had clearly stated our outside cameras. We had received the email from Airbnb stating our listings have been verified and good to go. This was early May along with the new Airbnb Superhost earning.

We have provided all evidence, including the screenshot of the Guest Safety section where both outside cameras were disclosed. One of Safety team continues to say we are not compliant with the camera policy????? 

Not sure we understand this. 


Part of what you mention goes back to the Investors and there systems that AIRBNB have a partnership with as to how things go on, or don't go on.


Society has become very messed up because of people wanting domination and control of Telco's - look back in history to the major disruption caused in the era of TYCO and the laying of Submarine Undersea Cables as part of Information Systems contracts/ control between countries and the laying of communication cables in between Chennai and Singapore in the era of 2004.


Mix that together with the destruction to society the Spin doctors spread that Rotary Dial phones that worked brilliantly with Copper for over 100 years were not compatible with the Disposable Push Button type phones that we have had dumped on us


Then ask yourself, as we have recently to, who and what really did trigger The Tragic preventable Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004?


It all goes back to the collection of our Information, alas for what purposes?






@Rebecca My feedback is that it appears to me that this release is mostly fixing mistakes in the previous release, so I'm not going to give AirBnB credit for FANTASTIC NEW FEATURES, when in reality, they're just fixing features that they messed up. 

Level 4
Murtoa, Australia

@Airbnb could you please bring back the notes displayed on the calendar.  We need to see our notes at a glance.   It only tells me when I have an Airbnb booking and what days I have blocked.  I want to see at a glance why I have those days blocked, not click on the day and then click on the notes tab. This is very time consuming, and I now need to use multiple calendars and update each one when I get a booking. 

I'm pretty confident I'm not the only host that feels this way.


As for these new updates.... well.... the inbox was fine as it was, it works.  I'm guessing the group messages will only work if all the guests are members of Airbnb.

The guests profile is only as good as the information the guests put in.   

The earning is very similar to what we have already and gave me the information I needed.

As for the photos, I haven't done the photo tour yet so didn't know that there was an issue with it.


I won't be trying the new update early, I think I'll see how they work before I jump into the fire.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Suffolk Coastal District, United Kingdom

Hi @Lynell0 👋


Thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts/feedback about the 2024 Summer Release. I'll ensure that your comments are shared with the team. 


It's a shame you won't be joining us for the early release though. Have you joined in the past early releases? Looking forward to hearing from you. 😊



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I came to this thread to say the same thing: The Calendar View has lost important functionality.

1. MOSTLY yes: show the notes inside the calendar.

2. Be able to distinguish between "manually blocked" dates versus "beyond availability window but they're gonna open up automatically". 

2a. Let us block dates beyond the availability window, for known future plans

My partner and I need to maintain a separate non-airbnb calendar to keep track of these things which are actually _in_ your calendar but too hard to see.

Thanks for reading! //david & deb

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Sintra, Portugal

Congratulations on the new update. 

The new way messages are displayed, with guests in black on white and hosts in white on black, isn't great. It strains the eyes and might make people talk less.


Also, the fancy effects when choosing emojis, like blurring the screen and vibrating the phone, are unnecessary. Everyone already knows how to use emojis.


Plus, switching from hosting to traveling makes the app freeze on my iPhone and I need to restart the app every time. 

As a new host, I've seen the previous update, and I think it's a good idea to get help from a GUI consultant for future interface changes.

All the best

Community Manager
Community Manager
Suffolk Coastal District, United Kingdom

Hi @Guy991 👋


Thank you for your congratulations  🎉  as well as your observations and feedback. I'll ensure that your comments are taken back to the team. 


Regarding the app freezing when transitioning between Hosting and travelling, I wondered if you could confirm the  software your iPhone is running please? And confirm that it does freeze when going from Hosting > Traveling, and vice versa? 


Many thanks once again! 😊



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