Airbnb Unlisted One Of My Listings

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Airbnb Unlisted One Of My Listings

Hello, I cannot believe I'm here posting about this at all. 

My newest and best listing got unlisted without my knowledge. No mention from Airbnb whatsoever. The only way I found out it was unlisted was an inquiry I received one day before the unlisting tried to accept the pre approval I sent the following day and messaged me saying, hey I'm trying to accept the pre approval and it's not allowing me to. So I tried to copy my link and send it to the person and that's where I noticed on my calendar that it said it was unlisted. I thought maybe my kids got into my phone and started messing with my listing and tried to list it back and it said to contact Airbnb which is where I realized that Airbnb did this. I contacted them and received a message from a person named ** from the Safety Team and ** said she would call me the following day which she did.


She asked me three questions. If I was aware of any parties that occurred one of my reservations (she mentioned the reservation in the message the day prior as well and I had no issues with that guest. I left her 5 stars and she left me 5 stars as well). I said no. She asked me if I was aware of police being called to the property, I said no. She asked me if I was aware of any neighbors complaining about my property and I said no. She was then ready to hang up on me and I said whoa whoa whoa hold on a second. I got some questions smh. I asked the obvious questions like why did this happen? When will I get my property listed again etc. and she said she couldn't disclose it and it's under investigation. 

I have a Ring doorbell so I watched every single video during that reservation and no loud noise or police came to the house. I then reached out to my neighbor since she's my only neighbor and asked her if possibly she had an issue with my guests and she said absolutely not and said that she would contact me before reaching out to anyone else if something did happen.


I then reached out to the guest and asked her if I did something wrong or if something happened during her reservation that I didn't know about and she told me that the same Trinity reached out to her and asked her the same three questions as well. Like I said I had no issues with this guest and in fact she was a picture perfect guest. Quiet and clean. She asked everyone in her group of 10 if any of them had an issue and they said no. It's been over 4 days now and it's still unlisted and Trinity told me that the investigation would take anywhere from 2-4 days and it's passed that and this is my newest property that I invested all of my money into. 

I can't begin to explain my frustration but more so it's going to affect my income to a scary point because I put everything I had into this house. Maxed out my cards and borrowed money from family members just to go live two months ago and I've been getting excellent reviews and really nice bookings gross income wise. 

I would never jeapordize my account by doing something against the rules so I just do not understand why this happening to me. I also don't understand why I'm relying on one person to handle my case. Why can't I contact someone higher up and how long does an imaginary investigation take? I have Ring camera videos of each time someone got detected in front of the house and that's all the evidence I have that no police ever came to the property. 

I don't know what to do and I need help.

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Thank you Jenny. The listing is active again which is all that I care about but I'm still left with so many questions. How did this even happen? Why would Airbnb unlist my property based on a simple call or complaint without contacting me first? I feel very uncomfortable that my listing can be unlisted without my knowledge for almost a week. So basically if someone really hates or dislikes me, they can just contact Airbnb Neighborhood Support Team and make up lies and Airbnb finds the host guilty until proven innocent smh.

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this happened to me with one of my listings,I called airbnb support but they are not helping at all,I don’t know what is the problem,do you have any idea how can I solve this problem? 
I have 44 reviews in this listing and they are all 5 star.

Hello Amarildo. There's no solution except strictly calling Airbnb everyday and letting them know that you didn't do anything wrong. In my case, I found out that a cleaner I fired called Airbnb as a "guest" and filed a complaint which is why my listing was suspended. It's not right that that can happen to us as hosts without proof and without directly calling and speaking to said guest. But that is above my pay grade. It took my listing about a week to be listed again. 


If it happens again.  I  always suggest  don't use logic when talking  to  any companies  customer  service employee.   They  can not make  decisions only support their employer's decision.   In a casse like this you  can   request a report from   your area policy just use the non emergency number you can usually get quickly  because people   need regularly  when they have    had activity.  A   note with  a contact number  from the neighbor that she   didn't complain.

Dear Airbnb Support

I  have  investigated   the claims  referenced by ***  the police have supplied documentation of "No Police Activity""  at ***.The neighbor located at ***  who can  be contacted  at ***  documents she did not complain.

If Airbnb  has  evidence contradictory please  provide so I   can correct problem.

If  Airbnb   does not have contradictory evidence please make  correction   to  my listing so  I  can accept reservations.

Jenny -  I'm in a similar situation and have no clue what to do.


What's even more infuriating is that my listing was unlisted, and then re-listed last week, but then days later unlisted again.


I have been calling daily to figure out why this is happening but am told time and time again that they're working on it. This is insane. Can you please help? 

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Hi @Twenty-Nine-Nights0,


I'd be happy to help by passing your case to the team that can help. However, please note that neither @Jenny  nor myself are part of the Customer Support Team, so we'll make sure to send your case their way and they will reach out to you directly.


I hope this helps.





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Hi Paula 


The same thing happened to us 2 days ago.


Everything was going perfectly well until two days ago when we received a curt message from Airbnb  saying  that our account was temporarily partially disabled, therefore preventing anyone from booking pending their ''investigation.''


It said to contact them which we immediately did.


The team member simply asked us if we had any ''security devices'' on the premises which of course we do not. And we told him so.


He laughed and said ''thats all I need to know.'' And then said something about continuing to finish the investigation. 


We though it was all sorted. 


But that was two days ago and still our account is blocked and we are losing numerous bookings with potential guests saying ''no dates are available.''


We have written numerous times asking what the issue is and if there’s anything else we can provide them. But have had no reply. 


We are very conscientious SUPER house with almost entirely five star reviews and are almost constantly booked three months in advance with a very popular and unique inner city (Sydney) Warehouse that has almost always ranked #1 if not on first page of any relevant search. 


We've read the MANY horror stories about many AIRBnB accounts being shut down with no explanation. We're very concerned thats now  what’s happening to us. 


We have no idea why our calendar might be blocked. We follow  all the rules, and all very conscientious hosts to our guests. 


The only thing we can think of is that we recently had a guest who cancelled a 5 day stay in the 1st hour Because we would not allow them to bring additional authorised Guests they arrived with without adding them to the  booking And paying the additional guest fee  pursuant to house rules. He made up some very dishonest claims in order to get a refund cancellation which included place was not clean when it was of course. The person who Checked them in, accidentally, left their phone in on the kitchen counter (out in the open). Within minutes of leaving a call to Airbnb in alerted them, but the phone was left on the premises, and also alerted the Guest.  Later, when it the guest was Trying to find reasons to get a full refund and cancel the booking. They pretended they were afraid  that the phone might have had some kind of listening device in it.  We replied by saying, we contacted both the Guest and AIRBnB about the phone moments after accidently leaving it there. 


The only other thing We could think of, but it might be is that on 16 July, which was the day before the deactivation, a neighbouring propery had  a big party and the police came. Their property is in the same building's ours and its front door onto the street is just a few steps from ours. When the  Police came to break up the  party some guys were arrested directly in front of our door.  Many neighbours came out to see at that point because the ones being arrested making so much noise and yelling atythe police.


The next day Some neighbours asked us what happened thinking the party was form our house but our place was not even booked that night!  We thought maybe  one of the neighbours thought  our place was having the party because of the police in frontage our house and reported us to Airbnb.  


anyway, we’re not sure, but that’s what the issue is, but it’s the only thing we can think of.


Do you have any advice on what to do. Or do you know anyone that we can speak to for assistance with this matter.


Thank you kindly.

@Rachada2 I usually pass 'Superhost suspensions without trial' to @Catherine-Powell suggesting that being found guilty without trial is somewhat unfair.

Your situation is something I haven't seen before - Your listings are still visible but there is no availability. I wonder if Airbnb thinks this is a fair halfway house that allows existing bookings to continue while they investigate whatever allegation may have been made.

Hopefully you will be up and running again soon.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi @Rachada2 , I am so sorry about this situation and thank you for sharing the details. I have forwarded your case to the team that can help. Please note that the team responsible for your case will contact you directly as Community Managers are not part of the Support team.



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The same thing happened to me! And now that my listing has FINALLY been "restored" it is no longer showing up in searches of my area over dates that I know we have available. I cant get anyone at airbnb to help me resolve this. Has anyone else experienced your listing not being searchable after a bogus investigation? What can be done?

Same thing happened to me as well!  However, although the residences show "Listed" when I review my calendar availability, etc.  when I research for my property in the area and dates available - NOTHING shows up and NO explanation why!  Where do I go from here - I don't know at this point as I tried calling Airbnb several times with absolutely NO response.  Any suggestions?


A guest throws an unauthorize party with over 40 people and my account gets unlisted.  5.7k damage to my pool which am paying out of pocket because on a Facebook group I heard is not wise to sit around and expect a claim to be paid.  Kind of not fair, but thanks God never trusted Airbnb enough to make it my main source of income.