All Listings Paused & Open Dates Completely Blocked Off

All Listings Paused & Open Dates Completely Blocked Off

I am truly at my wit’s end & need help. I have been endlessly calling & messaging Airbnb for the past 8 days because last Monday, my listings were all suddenly paused & all of my dates were blocked off. I got no notice, no explanation, no email. No one can book or send a request to my listings. Am I suspended? If so, for what reason? I keep getting told I’m my case has been assigned to a specialized team & someone will get back to me within 24 hours, but it has been over a week & I have heard nothing. Should I just make a new Airbnb account & start over?  Do I move to vrbo? I feel so helpless. Thank you for any advice you have!

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Hi @Tiffany716 


Sorry to hear about this.


I've passed details of your concerns over to the team, noted to them that the timescale of 24 hours has gone over by a week, and asked if they can investigate and reach out to you about what's happened.


Thanks to @Joelle43@Mike-And-Jane0@Fred13 and @Nur785 for coming to lend some support and give some advice in the meantime.



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Thank you very much Jenny! I’m really hoping that this can be resolved by today as I am a loyal Airbnb host & have no other method of income via listing. If I could just understand why I’ve been suspended & how long it will go on for or talk to someone from the specialized team it would really truly help me out. Thank you for escalating the urgency of my case Jenny, it gives me faith!

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Cannes, France

Hello @Tiffany716 


You have some amazing reviews from your guests but there is one that stands out from a very unhappy Brian going back to February of this year.  Any chance your suspension comes from his related bad experience?


These repeated suspensions we read about on the CC are most alarming and I can imagine how worried you must be.  


Is this really the protocol that is in place - suspend hosts listing(s) based on guest evidence (that the host cannot see) and ask questions weeks later?  How can CS say that someone will get back to the host in 24 hours when they don't?



Hey Joelle, thanks so much! I know I do have one negative review, that was an ugly situation, but I have no idea if it's related to that. Hopefully it's not related to this as that was months ago & the whole story was never told! Agreed, we need CS to get on top of things. I don't even understand why this is happening, and that's a huge red flag for me. 

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England, United Kingdom

@Tiffany716 As I always try to report Superhost random suspensions to @Catherine-Powell and there is no let up in them happening it seems she is not able to persuade Airbnb to come up with a better/fairer system. Hopefully she can get people to look at individual cases with speed but I am afraid patience is needed. In the interim I do think that if you are reliant on the income generated by your properties you should dual list with others such as VRBO or It is sad when loyal;ty to a single platform is rewarded this way but perhaps loyalty is overrated.

By the way you missed off @Sybe , @Stephanie , @Bhumika, and @Paula from your list of admins who might help.

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Placencia, Belize

@Tiffany716  What has been the experience with your most recent guests. What 'incident' occurred that could possibly lead to a suspension by Airbnb. That is always a good starting point, they don't suspend just for kicks.

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Jersey City, NJ

Hi @Tiffany716 I'm sorry you are going through this. Suspending listings without communicating the reason seems to be the MO of airbnb CS. Did you have any problems with a guest? From what I understand there are a few things that would bring this kind of extreme response and it's done when someone files a complaint. For example, did you have to enter any of your properties while they were booked? Are there security cameras in unusual places? 


The only thing you can do is to keep calling. Eventually someone will tell you something. From what we've observed from the experiences of others who had the same issue, it seems to take 2-3 weeks at least for this to get resolved or for you to take some answers as to why this happened. Perhaps one of the moderators can bring it to the attention of customer service. 

Hi, thank you for your response! I haven't had any problems with guests like that to the point where they would file a complaint with Airbnb! I am truly confused, I have security cameras pointing outside of the home but none of my guests have ever had a problem with that. And I've never entered my properties while booked. I'm just confused what could have happened to have gotten ALL of my listings (in 2 different cities) suspended. I've called everyday now, but everyone has the same response - that this "specialized team" has the answer and is working on it. 2-3 weeks is quite a while, wow....hopefully I don't get punished for that long, and hopefully I can hear back today. Fingers crossed! 

 @Catherine-Powell @Nick @Liv @Quincy @Katie @Lizzie 


Is there anyone at AirBnB that can help me please?

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