Anyone else's place not showing when "entire place" is selected?

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Anyone else's place not showing when "entire place" is selected?

I noticed today that when I search for my listing online it doesn't show if the filter for "entire place" is selected. Has anyone else noticed this with theirs?


It shows fine without but once that filter is checked it gets removed from searches even though it's set up as being the "entire place".





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Changing the listing to guest house and then entire place then hit save seems to have fixed the problem for me. It now appears correctly. 

give it a try !

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Hi @Mike-And-Jane0 @Pete28 , I noticed both the threads and have gone ahead and merged Pete's thread with Alex's as per Mike's suggestions. (So that all the relevant discussion related to the issue is visible to new members visiting the thread. I hope it is okay!)




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Having the same issue. Havent had a booking in 3 weeks. Any luck?

Country Road Properties

When I search my exact zip code in San francisco, absolutely no listing show up in my zip, however it does show listings 7-15 miles away in other areas in and around SF.  Something definitely wrong going on. 

Just redid same search but removed whole house filter and MINE showed up, although is IS a whole house. So its confirmed, definitely problem going on. 

I had no booking at either one of my houses. One was for a month and the other for three weeks.  I spoke to Airbnb twice and they told me the computer system rotates houses around.  I spoke to them a week and a half later and I suddenly received three bookings.  When I looked up my city there was houses showing that was as far as two hours away from my location. I am not sure what was going on.  They also told me that it depends on my listing popularity .  I booked one of houses for 9 months with a guest. Was I not considered a popular listing because I did not have frequent guests but the one guest that stayed over 9 months??

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I'm having a similar but exactly opposite problem. my property is listed as entire space and each individual bedroom is also a separate room listing. if I zoom the map in far enough to force them to be displayed and do a search (in a private tab or on another browser) all 5 listings show up but if I try to filter the listings when I select 'room' they all disappear. 'entire home' properly only shows the listing for the whole place, and 'any type' shows all 5 listings, but 'room' seems to break the search.I've combed through my listings trying to see if there are any features I needed to select or deselect on my end. but I cannot seem to find the problem. I contacted chat support and they didn't seem to care. there reply was basically 'we did a search and your properties showed up' they sent screen shots, but they never selected the 'room' filter in their searches.
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