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Co host

Asking for a family member. He has 3 properties listed on air bnb in Miami. Its getting difficult for me to handle all the calls,emails,texts and queries from the customers. Can I hire a co host from Pakistan? Who can directly handle all the queries and provide support to the customers? The co host will also be managing to communicate all the cleaners and associated people for my properties. **. What other tasks can I put on the co host? Is this feasible? Please let me know if anyone knows about this. Thanks. 


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I would always use a local cohost who can do spot checks on your cleaners, is in the same time zone and can go to the property if there are problems . It's better to pay more for a quality service. @Ubaid10 


You need a cohost who understands Airbnb T&C and has great reviews as a host themselves. 

Hi, this is Abdullah Abid, from Karachi, Pakistan. I see that you’re looking for a co-host who can handle all your queries, calls, emails and texts from customers. I have worked with motels and I can understand the hassle it is for the owners. Which is why every hotel business has a manager who deals with the everyday chores, contacting the cleaners to keep them lenient. I am sure I can provide you feasible rates for managing all 3 of your properties. Let’s give each other a go at our best, shall we? ** 🙂


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Hi there,

I am from Karachi and handling USA Airbnb listings as a Cohost including guest communication, manage housekeeping and other daily operations since 2 years. Please get in touch as I am looking for something part time or even full time. Thanks!