Critique my listing - Kim in Biglerville, PA

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Pennsylvania, United States

Critique my listing - Kim in Biglerville, PA

My bookings are down for 2024 so I'd love the community's feedback!

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Have you looked at supply and demand for your sort of listing in your location? Many areas are now suffering from oversaturated markets coupled with falling demand @Kim4348 


also have you looked at seasonal demand? 

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Hillsborough, NC

That would be my question: what's going on in your market?


The listing itself is really nice: appealing descriptions, lovely place and the GREAT photos make it look sparkling clean and very serene. If I were closer my family and I would be there in a heartbeat (and I am overdue for a trip to Gettysburg, never been).

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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Kim4348, what a beautiful property 😊


Have you had the opportunity to read Dani and Helen's suggestions? I am reaching out to some of our Hosts to see if they would like to share some other perspectives on your listing:

 @Jermain40 @Guy991 @Julie5882 @Lorina14 and @John7474 


All the best,



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@Kim4348 @Paula 


Hello Kim!


Wow! What a beautiful home you have!  


And congratulations on your reviews and 5 star rating!


Personally, I don't think that you are doing anything wrong.  I think you have an excellent listing, well priced with a proven track record of reservations. 


I think it might be more of a slump in some sectors of the Airbnb market in general. I have noticed a lot of Hosts asking the same question..."why am I am not getting reservations"?   I see this  more in the "vacation rental" sector, as I believe with an uncertain economy people are a more reserved about vacation spending. 


I would be patient, and I am sure your rate of new bookings will return. 


Again, you have a beautiful home and listing.  


All the best, 



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Tiverton, RI

Hi @Kim4348 ,


I agree with previous posters that the listing looks great and offers a lot of amenities. I’m not familiar with the area but I would definitely consider supply/demand and possibly your pricing structure. 

Best of luck!


Julie S. Jenkins
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St. Louis, MO

@Kim4348 I agree with everyone's comments. Supply, demand, pricing and season. Otherwise your property looks awesome no suggestions.

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Sintra, Portugal


Your property looks amazing, and I want to stay there for a vacation. The photos were taken on a beautiful day. Congratulations! You know what you are doing!

However, there's no question that the pricing strategy is holding you back.
I have two suggestions for you to consider. They might not be exactly the solutions you are looking for, but maybe they will open you up to new ideas and pricing strategies to explore:

  1. I have checked, and there is no difference between a single guest and 12 guests, meaning you offer it as a whole. This makes your market really small because you aim only at large groups. Consider another strategy with a minimum of 4 people with a price for any additional guest. I prefer to have the property always booked and running than to wait for the perfect 12 people booking. You might get 4-6 guests that will take this beautiful house, and it will be better than vacant. You can also make sure the bedroom doors can be locked so if you have 4 people (2 couples), lock the third bedroom. Again, it's better to have something than nothing.

  2. I do not charge cleaning fees. I think it should be part of the nightly fee. Guests hate last-minute additions to their price right before check-out. This can make some guests abandon the booking. Let's say that guests stay for a week in your house. Distribute the cleaning price evenly over the 7 days and add it proportionally to the nightly price. I would give it a try.

    all the best and I hope opening up to new pricing stategies will make the difference. 

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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Kim4348


Please let us know when you can review the great suggestions from our hosts. There are very interesting points that definitely would be worth trying out.


All the best,



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Wow! It is a beautiful property! What is the weather like now? That may be a deterrent, or this is a slow month. You could pay the service fees for the next three guests or you may consider giving a discount to start for example, one night free with a booking of three nights or more? My guess is that you will book come spring! Good luck!